New technology offers cost reductions and revenue growth in hydrocarbon vapor remediation.

Houston, TX:  NanoVapor Fuels Group, a Houston based company and Houston Technology Center Client, has finalized contract negotiations with a rapidly expanding oilfield waste water management firm for delivery of a hydrocarbon scrubber designed in conjunction with their client’s distillation process.  Waste water from production and fracing is contaminated with hydrocarbons.  The NanoVapor system utilizes a patented process whereby hydrocarbon-laden vapors are routed through a liquid contact tower, where the readily available chemistry captures greater than 95% of hydrocarbons present.  This new technology from NanoVapor Fuels Group offers improved capture rates while reducing operating costs.  It also utilizes an easy to replace chemistry that, once saturated, can be used as feedstock.  Alternatives such as activated charcoal are not as effective, are costly and when saturated with hydrocarbons, needs to be disposed of in a costly, environmentally safe manner. 

NanoVapor has been quietly testing and perfecting a suite of other in-house technologies, allowing NanoVapor to offer solutions (suppression and absorption) to a wide range of hydrocarbon remediation applications at most emission source points throughout the supply chain.  Please contact our staff for a free consultation regarding your needs.  Visit our web-site at

Author: James Rice
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