NanoRidge Announces NIST-ATP Award

NanoRidge Materials, Inc. of Houston, TX is proud to announce that our joint development project (NanoCable) with The Boeing Co. of Huntington Beach, CA has been selected for funding by the National Institute of Standards and Technology - Advanced Technology Program (NIST-ATP). Total NIST-ATP funding is $2.8M with a total project cost of $5.8M. 

The NanoCable Project will develop a lightweight electrical wire-and-cable system that can reduce fuel costs and improve energy efficiency in numerous applications. This lightweight, highly conductive electrical wire will bring significant gains in operating costs to the airline industry, satellite manufacturers, and eventually industrial and consumer users.

The technology is based on the use of carbon nanotubes, which conduct greater amounts of electrical current than copper at one-sixth the weight. The cable would be composed of electrically conductive carbon nanotubes embedded in a polymer. The overall cable will be just half the weight of aluminum cable. A key technical challenge will be to design processing steps that connect nanotubes in an optimal fashion in a polymer matrix, to maintain high levels of electrical conductivity. This is a high risk development project involving an emerging technology company and an established manufacturing organization which holds the promise of bringing significant cost-saving gains to commercial enterprises and consumers while introducing an industry-shifting product.

About NanoRidge Materials

NanoRidge Materials, Inc., a Houston Technology Center client company, is a material science application developer, focused on the integration of carbon nanotubes into polymers. NanoRidge works with the product manufacturer to; increase strength, decrease weight, improve corrosion resistance, and/or modify electrical conductivity. NanoRidge successfully bridges the gap between suppliers of nanomaterials, and “end-use” focused businesses with a desire to improve existing products and create new highly differentiated products to increase their market share and profitability.

About Houston Technology Center

Houston Technology Center (HTC) is a business accelerator that assists Houston-based emerging technology companies in key sectors such as: Energy, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology and NASA-originated technologies.  See for more information.


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