Merrick Systems Works with a New Consortium to Develop Software Solution for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Compliance

HOUSTON – June 14, 2011 – Merrick Systems, a market leader in industrial information technology for the oil and gas industry, has been working with a consortium of oil and gas producers to incorporate the necessary functionality into the eVIN field data capture mobile solution to address  the new EPA greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions guidelines and reporting requirements that are mandatory for 2011 emissions. The members of the ten-company consortium include Bill Barrett Corporation, Cabot Oil & Gas, Cimarex Energy Co., EXCO Resources, Merit Energy Company, Noble Energy, Inc. and Whiting Petroleum Corporation.  Merrick is pleased to announce that this new emission capturing functionality in eVIN was released on Thursday, June 2, 2011.

According to the EPA’s Mandatory Reporting of Greenhouse Gasses Rule (40 CFR part 98), suppliers of fossil fuels and industrial gasses, along with other companies including those operating large industrial facilities that emit 25,000 metric tons CO2 equivalents, are required to report their GHG emissions, along with additional information.  Companies are required to submit a request for EPA approval to use their best available method to capture the data by either July 31st or September 30th, 2011, depending on the source of the GHG.

“Our clients needed a solution for handling the new EPA reporting requirements. They wanted a simple solution that could quickly be rolled out to their field operators and incorporated into their existing workflows and activities, using a tool they are already using daily. Leveraging the great deal of flexibility that a leading-edge technology like eVIN offers, we are able to develop, with help from our consortium members, a reliable method to capture the relevant events that will be used to report emissions to the EPA, as mandated by the new ruling. We are proud to be able to respond so quickly to the changing needs  of our clients and the oil and gas industry. It is this collaborative process of design, development and  delivery that has allowed us to offer practical, cost-effective solutions with enabling technologies like eVIN” stated Clara Fuge, Merrick’s VP Production.

Merrick’s trail-blazing production software packages are used in over 20% of oil wells in the US, including many in unconventional plays, as well as around the globe. The solutions offered include field data capture for volumes, inspection and maintenance, production operations, hydrocarbon accounting, regulatory filings and web-based management reporting. To help optimize the application of their strategic resources without compromising the quality and efficiency of their operations, Merrick’s clients may choose to have Merrick host the solution.

Merrick Systems is an established market leader in industrial information technology for the oil and gas industry, providing software, electronics and professional services. Addressing production, engineering and asset tracking, Merrick’s integrated applications include field operations management; field data capture; hydrocarbon production accounting; mobile computing for field and drilling operations and ruggedized RFID for drilling and asset management.

Author: Hilla Barzilai-Abileah
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