Merrick Systems to Feature Pioneering RFID Diamond TagsTM at OTC 2009

Houston, Texas, April 21, 2009 - Merrick Systems, a market leader in industrial information technology for the oil and gas industry will feature the Diamond Tag, a part of its ruggedized RFID-based system for asset management in O&G operations at the upcoming Offshore Technology Conference. Designed to track down-hole drilling components, the Diamond Tags can withstand extreme conditions typical of drilling environments and are certified for Class1, Dev1 or Zone1.

“A revolutionary patented design of ruggedized low frequency passive tags allows Merrick to successfully pioneer the use of RFID technology in the harsh environments of drilling operations where temperatures, pressures and contaminants have disabled other methods of tracking assets” stated Kemal Farid, Co-Founder and CEO. “Merrick’s Diamond Tags can survive sustained pressures of up to 20,000 PSI and temperatures of up to 1210c (3600F) and can be read through drilling mud, diesel fuels, oils, sea water and cement without degradation to scanning distance and reliability. Merrick is currently working on the next generation of tags that will survive even harsher conditions.” he added.

“Merrick’s Diamond Tags allow drilling operators, equipment rental companies and other OEM manufacturers to affix an asset identifier that will outlast the asset life and will not wear off during drilling operations. The tags can track the asset location and specific use history, including accurate depth and fatigue, leading not only to significant operational time and materials savings but also to reduced risk of a catastrophic string failure and increased human safety due to proper utilization of assets” commented Ian Binmore, Chief RFID Technologist at Merrick Systems.

Launched in 2007, Merrick’s ATEX certified Diamond Tags have been gaining wide acceptance among drilling operators and equipment manufacturers using the system for tracking high-value and high-maintenance down-hole drilling components, risers, flow iron and other sub-sea and surface equipment both onshore and offshore. Combined with Merrick’s Corporate Asset Tracking System (CATS) software, or any in-house asset tracking/management system, the tags allow immediate operational access to asset use and inspection history, physical properties, preventative maintenance schedule and any information desired on an asset.

Using mobile technology, Merrick’s RFID-based solution helps prevent asset use errors which may lead to equipment or operations failure by validating the tally process on the rig floor, tracking asset use and creating a run schematic. Tags also help validate inventory and inspection status and locate missing assets.

Merrick is an established market leader in information technology for the oil and gas industry, providing software, hardware and professional services. Addressing production operations, engineering and asset tracking, Merrick’s integrated applications include real-time surveillance and optimization; field operations management; field data capture; hydrocarbon production accounting; mobile computing for field and drilling operations; engineering workflow orchestration and ruggedized RFID for drilling and asset management.

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