Merrick Systems Signs Partnership Agreement with Cognex

Cognex Industrial ID products incorporated into Merrick’s RFID-Based Asset Tracking Solution
Houston, TX, April 22, 2010 - Merrick Systems, a market leader in industrial information technology for the oil and gas industry, announced a new partnership agreement with Cognex, a global leading provider of industrial ID readers. Under this agreement, Merrick, an HTC client, serves as a Partner System Integrator (PSI) for Cognex, incorporating the Cognex DataMan ID products into its own RFID-Based technology solutions for asset tracking in O&G operations.

Launched in 2007, Merrick’s ruggedized RFID-Based asset tracking solution includes the RFID Diamond Tags, along with DynaCap software and its different modules, to track high value oil and gas assets in down-hole, subsea and surface operations. Combined with DynaCap or any in-house asset management system, the Diamond Tags allow immediate operational access to asset use and inspection history, physical properties, preventative maintenance schedule and any information desired on an asset. Designed to track down-hole drilling components, Merrick’s Diamond Tags can withstand extreme conditions typical of drilling environments including High Temperature and High Pressure, and are certified for Class1, Div1 or Zone1.


Cognex’s DataMan readers complement Merrick’s RFID Diamond Tags by adding Direct Product Marking (DPM) technologies, such as Data Matrix 2D barcodes, for tracking assets and processes in extremely harsh oil and gas manufacturing environments. Cognex image handheld and fixed readers allow Merrick’s clients to track work cell activities and product location during the manufacturing processes. Data Matrix 2D codes are scanned and decoded using DataMan readers. The Data is then processed by Merrick’s DynaCap software to track the total life cycle traceability of raw materials and assembly steps for finished goods.


“Adding Cognex’s award winning DataMan industrial ID family of products to our asset tracking solution allows Merrick to expand the capabilities of our system and serve a wider audience of users with varied needs. Cognex’s ID readers meet the highest quality standards and are a natural addition to Merrick’s asset tracking system which pioneered the use of RFID technology in the harsh environments of oil and gas drilling and subsea operations” stated Kemal Farid, CEO of Merrick Systems.


Merrick’s ATEX certified Diamond RFID Tags are gaining wide acceptance among drilling operators and equipment manufacturers who are using the system for tracking high-value and high-maintenance down-hole drilling components, risers, flow iron and other sub-sea and surface equipment both onshore and offshore.

Merrick Systems, a Graduate of Houston Technology Center, is an established market leader in industrial information technology for the oil and gas industry, providing software, electronics and professional services. Addressing production, engineering and asset tracking, Merrick’s integrated applications include real-time surveillance and optimization; field operations management; field data capture; hydrocarbon production accounting; mobile computing for field and drilling operations and ruggedized RFID for drilling and asset management.

Author: Hilla Barzilai-Abileah
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