Merrick Systems’ New High Temperature High Pressure RFID Diamond Tag Nominated for the SME Innovation Award from ONS

New Tag Revolutionizes Asset Tracking in Downhole and Subsea Oil & Gas Operations, Surviving Sustained Extreme Conditions Up to 200C (400F) Temperature; 2070 Bar (30,000 PSI) Pressure



Houston, Texas, July 19, 2010 ‐ Merrick Systems, a market leader in industrial information technology for the oil and gas industry is pleased to announce its nomination for the prestigious SME Innovation Award from Offshore Northern Seas (ONS), the premier energy conference for North Sea Energy Operations. The winner of the award will be announced during the upcoming ONS Exhibition and Conference in Stavanger, Norway on August 25.

The ONS Innovation Awards rerecognize the vital importance of cutting‐edge products and solutions and are given to new technologies and significant improvements to existing solutions for the oil and gas industry. Merrick is nominated for this award with its revolutionary new RFID tag which is designed to survive the extreme rigors typical of down‐hole and subsea oil and gas operations. The High Temperature/High Pressure (HTHP) tag is the latest addition to Merrick’s RFID Diamond TagTM suite, designed to meet the unique needs of asset tracking in upstream oil and gas operations,
surviving not only extreme temperatures and pressure but also impact, vibration, corrosion and abrasives.

“Merrick is honored to be nominated to this prestigious award, alongside the industry’s foremost innovators and forward thinkers” stated Samina Farid, Merrick’s Chairman. “This nomination validates our continued pursuit of practical solutions for tracking high‐value assets in downhole, surface and subsea oil and gas operations, where the stakes are high and asset identification errors can have catastrophic results in terms of human and environmental safety as well as financially. Our new technology provides a reliable method to automate the process of tracking these assets and reduce human errors and equipment failures by allowing immediate access to vital asset information across the globe while greatly reducing operational costs. ” she added.

Merrick’s HTHP tags are consistent with OLF (The Norwegian Oil Industry Association) standards and have been independently tested and proven to dependably survive downhole and subsea drilling operations, where other identification methods failed due to destruction of identity markings by extreme heat, pressures, rough handling and chemicals. Merrick’s complete asset tracking solution launched in 2007 includes Merrick’s suite of RFID Diamond Tags and rugged readers, along with Merrick’s DynaCap software, to track high value oil and gas assets in downhole, subsea
and surface operations. Merrick’s asset tracking system allows immediate operational access to asset location, use and inspection history, physical properties, preventative maintenance schedule and traceability information required for an asset. System elements are certified for Class1, Div1 and/or Zone1 use.

Merrick Systems is an established market leader in industrial information technology for the oil and gas industry, providing software, electronics and professional services. Addressing production, engineering and asset tracking, Merrick’s integrated applications include production surveillance and optimization; field operations management; field data capture; hydrocarbon production accounting; mobile computing for field and drilling operations and ruggedized RFID for asset management in drilling, manufacturing, mining and other extreme environments.

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Author: Hilla Barzilai‐Abileah
Category: graduate company