Merrick Systems Announces eVIN 2008 Release

Houston - May 20, 2008 - Merrick Systems, the leader in information technologies for the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry, today announced its latest release of the company’s premiere field data capture system, eVIN 2008. 

“eVIN is the most widely used mobile application for oil fields in North America, utilized for capturing daily well information on roughly 25% of the producing wells in the United States and about 15% world-wide”, stated Kemal Farid, President & CEO of Merrick Systems. “With Merrick’s 2008 release of eVIN, we are broadening its use and expanding its capabilities to remote environments around the world. eVIN’s new framework provides integration into production forecast systems, putting production targets into the hands of the pumper down to the measurement point level”, he added.

eVIN 2008 provides operators and management with:

-      Complete route and stop management

-      Advanced field data capture of daily data, run ticket, and tank volumes

-      Automated alarms and graphs for problem resolution

-      Accountability to meet production targets

The new application, eVIN 2008, is currently being deployed at Exco Resources (XCO), a Dallas based indpendent oil and gas production company with approximately 15,00 active wells in the United States.  Exco uses a combination of hand held and Tough Book PCs running eVIN for over 300 pumpers on a daily basis.

Kimberly Gartrell, System Administrator
of Exco Resources, said, “Exco has teamed up with Merrick by using eVIN to manage the daily data for over three hundred pumpers. eVIN 2008 will help us reach our optimization goals by providing our pumpers with production targets at the well level - this approach places the information directly in the hands of the people most responsible for hitting those targets,”
eVIN’s creator at Merrick, Darren Beeksma, added, “The ability to create and map eVIN screens to external tables represents a major milestone for the product and the industry as a whole. This extremely flexible software architecture combines with the ingenuity of our customers to satisfy the needs of specific production scenarios. eVIN allows field operators to compare on a daily basis actual versus forecasted performance of a particular tank battery or gas meter, validating the forecasting process and allowing for adjustments in order to reach production targets.”

The eVIN field data capture software platform established itself as the industry leader by porting to rugged hand held devices, enabling instant communications to production accounting systems such as Merrick’s ProCount and TOW. eVIN is based on a new architecture that provides greater flexibility for tracking operational information and enables users to send and receive data from any database tables in addition to the core tables associated with production accounting systems.

eVIN provides Pocket PC and PC-based field data capture with on-line AGA calculations, error checking, data validation and graphing. Used daily by over 2,000 field operators world-wide for quick data entry, eVIN applies the same process of collecting data as gauge sheets. 

Merrick Systems provides innovative software and hardware technologies for the upstream and midstream oil & gas industry. The company’s suite of technologies cover the full range of operational needs including field data capture, hydrocarbon accounting, regulatory compliance, web-based production monitoring, technical data management, engineering workflow management, patented RFID technology to track down hole, subsea and surface drilling assets, and production optimization tools.

Headquartered in Houston, Merrick has regional offices in Canada, Mexico, Norway, Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

Merrick is recognized as one of the top fifty fastest growing technology companies in Texas, and is an active player in establishing and promoting open data exchange standards for the oil and gas industry. 


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