HTC Graduate Merrick Offers Software Needed To Manage All Aspects of Produced Water

Houston, September 13, 2012Merrick today announced the availability of software to address the challenges of produced water in shale operations. As seen in layman and industry news, the use of water in the oil and gas field has reached far beyond traditional purview of Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) departments. Within production companies field operators, production accountants, regulatory analysts, operations engineers and even marketing managers must co-ordinate their activities too accurately measure, allocate back to the source, transport, dispose or sell and report all water produced and used in the field. “In some areas, like the Barnett or Marcellus shale, this can add up to tens of thousands of transactions in a month which makes it critical to have the right software systems and procedures in place,” said Clara Fuge, Vice President, Production Technology & Services in Merrick.

About Merrick
Merrick is an established market leader providing industrial information technologies for thee upstream oil and gas industry since 1992. Co-founded in 1989 by Samina Farid and Kemal Farid, Merrick is headquartered in Houston, and is a leading supplier of production management & hydrocarbon accounting software to the oil and gas industry.

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Author: Hilla Abileah
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