Merrick Makes Available Toolkit to Dramatically Ease the Pain of Migrating Hydrocarbon Accounting Databases

Houston, TX,  February 5, 2013 – Responding to industry concerns on the cost and time  associated with manually migrating from one production management / hydrocarbon accounting system to another, Merrick has made a Conversion Toolkit to dramatically reduce the time and cost of implementation of Merrick Production Manager. 

“With our Conversion Toolkit, we are freeing you up to focus on the key parts of a migration from TOW/cs, which is the core allocation reporting. Saving not just cost, not just time, but also the mental drain”, says Clara Fuge, VP Production Management Division in Merrick. 

Moreover, the Toolkit enables a company to move and at the same time maintain the hierarchies and configurations in line with how the company is organized and go about doing its business, and continue to see the data in the way they are used to seeing it. 

About Merrick 

Merrick is an established market leader providing industrial information technologies for the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry since 1992. Co-founded in 1989 by Samina Farid and Kemal Farid, Merrick is headquartered in Houston, and is a leading supplier of production management & accounting software to the oil and gas industry. 

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Author: Heather Dunn
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