McNair Houston Ignition Fund

Houston Technology Center 2014 Client Graduation, Houston, TX (December 5, 2014) – Scott Schwinger, President & CEO of The McNair Group, announced a $1 million annual commitment to offer emerging technology companies a $25,000 investment each upon their acceptance as a client of the Houston Technology Center.  The initiative will be known as the “McNair Houston Ignition Fund.”


Schwinger commented, “Houston Technology Center has a proven record of commercializing breakthrough technologies in medicine and life sciences, energy, information technology, nanotechnology and materials, and aerospace.  These companies benefit society, create good jobs, and further diversify the thriving Houston economy.  We are delighted to provide this investment to give these entrepreneurial companies a fast start in our community.”


Walter Ulrich, President & CEO of the Houston Technology Center, thanked Schwinger, The McNair Group and the Robert C. McNair family.  Ulrich commented, “Mr. McNair is the model entrepreneur who has brought so many benefits to Houston through his business acumen and his wife, Janice’s, generosity and philanthropy.  This forward-looking investment program creates the springboard for the next generation of Bob McNairs who will build companies, create jobs and support this wonderful city.”


As a result of this commitment, Schwinger congratulated Stéphane Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Integrated Bionics and a Houston Technology Center 2014 Client Company, as the inaugural investment of the McNair Houston Ignition Fund and presented him with a check for $25,000 during the ceremony.


About The McNair Group

The McNair Group is a diversified group of investment, operating and philanthropic companies that is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with an investment focus in the energy, real estate, technology and health science industries.  The McNair Group is owned by Robert C. McNair, the founder and majority owner of the Houston Texans NFL franchise.


About Integrated Bionics

Integrated Bionics’s mission is to promote individual welfare through technological advancement and leading the industry in a rapidly evolving medical-digital landscape. Integrated Bionics designs wearable health technologies.


About the Houston Technology Center

Houston Technology Center (HTC), a non-profit 501(c)(3) business accelerator is the largest technology incubator in Texas, supported by more than 300 corporations, organizations, and individuals.  HTC accelerates the commercialization of emerging technology companies by providing in-depth business guidance, access to capital, and entrepreneurial education. HTC has become the center of technology entrepreneurship, assisting more than 250 companies within Life Sciences, Energy, IT, Nanotechnology, and NASA/Aerospace technologies.