Kinesix Continues China Momentum with Major Rail Deployment

June 26, 2006 (HOUSTON, TX.)Kinesix Software’s graphical-interface software will soon be deployed as part of the command-and-control system for the new Metro Line 5 in Beijing, China. Kinesix is an HTC member.
The Metro Line 5 is a new commuter-rail line that will go into service by the 2008 Summer Olympics. The 27.6-kilometer rail system will be the first North/South line to run through the center of the city, much of it underground. The line will run from Songjiazhuang Station in the South through Fentai District, Chongwen District, Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District and Changping District to Taipingzhuang in the North.
A complex transportation system such as the Metro Line 5 requires a powerful command-and-control system that can provide reliability, maintainability and safety,” says Kinesix CEO Russ Jamerson. “Our software’s ability to process and control real-time data in graphical displays, especially in safety-critical situations, is a perfect fit for this project.”
The Beijing commuter rail project follows other key successes for Kinesix in the East Asia region, including a partnership with Beijing-based Shengzuo Software Technology as well as engagements with the Hong Kong Subway System and the Hong Kong East Rail System – both of which rely on Kinesix products as the graphical interface for their control systems.
About Kinesix Software
Kinesix Software is the developer of Sammi, an enterprise and control-room graphics tool used by more than 20,000 mission-command and process-control workers. The Sammi product, which was first launched in 1990, allows users to build custom graphical displays that animate and manage massive volumes of streaming data across dozens – or even hundreds – of workstations.
With Sammi, users see full-color dashboards, instead of rudimentary numeric readings or basic, conventional GUIs. While Sammi is often categorized as a graphics product, its real value lies in its proven ability to display live data across a network of command and control systems. Sammi is currently available for Unix, Microsoft NT/2000/XP and Linux platforms. Kinesix offers Sammi for a variety of platforms, including Unix, Microsoft NT/2000/XP and Linux. In addition, Kinesix recently released KX EDGE, its next-generation human-machine interface, based on Microsoft’s .Net platform. Kinesix is based in Houston, Texas. To learn more visit
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