HTC Client KGRA Energy Secures $2.75M Commitment from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Local Waste Heat Recovery Installation

LAKE FOREST, Ill., May 9, 2011 Today -- KGRA Energy LP, a premier U.S.-based waste heat recovery developer, announced one of its project companies has received a $2.75M commitment from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania towards the installation of a 2 MW waste heat recovery system in Bradford County, PA. The secured funding, provided by Commonwealth Financing Authority and Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, will enable KGRA to break ground on the project by Q4 of 2011. The installation will use organic Rankine cycle to recover waste heat and convert it into usable CO2-free electricity at a Marcellus Shale based gas compression facility.

"KGRA is pleased to have been approved for the funding by the state of Pennsylvania and we are eager to break ground on this installation in Bradford County later this year," said Carter Brown, KGRA Energy Chief Financial Officer. "This project demonstrates the state's commitment to clean energy programs and will help elevate waste heat as an important part of the solution to curb emissions and reduce carbon footprints throughout Pennsylvania and across the country."

KGRA Energy's systems use the organic Rankine cycle to recover waste heat from viable sources, such as combustion engine exhausts, furnaces, boilers, and kilns, converting it into usable CO2-free electricity, which lowers energy costs as well as heat pollution. KGRA projects are customized for the direct needs and specifications of each customer. The system that KGRA plans to install in Bradford County will harvest 848 degree waste heat released by compressors onsite at the facility, and will convert it into nearly 2 MW of clean electricity.  Additionally, local jobs will be created through the duration of the project.

About KGRA Energy LP

KGRA Energy LP is a premier developer of customized renewable energy power generation projects. The company manages the design, construction and installation of organic Rankine cycle waste heat recovery systems that create CO2-free renewable energy for business and utility clients. KGRA's systems are modular and scalable and produce power from waste heat sources deemed unsuitable for traditional cogeneration. KGRA enables pulp and paper, lumber, refinery, cement, power plant and midstream gas transmission clients to convert waste heat to usable electricity, reduce energy costs, lower carbon footprints and create a sustainable future. Visit for more information.

Author: Katie Christopher
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