HTC Client Bluenergy Solarwind and Texas A&M to Collaborate on Wind Turbine Development

bluenergy.jpgBlueEnergy SolarWind’s double-helix turbine in the Oran Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel test chamber with Joel Goldblatt, BSW.

HTC Client Bluenergy Solarwind, Inc. has announced the award of a collaborative project with Texas A&M University’s Energy Institute and Department of Aerospace Engineering to continue development of a family of small wind turbines including a novel, hybrid solar-wind turbine.

Researchers at the Texas A&M Department of Aerospace Engineering will develop a detailed computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and mechanical design analyses leading to the technical design of the wind turbine, expanding on design efforts by Bluenergy Solarwind’s concept engineering partner, TEAM Technologies, of Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to Project Principal Investigator Ed White, Texas A&M Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering, the project will culminate in a full-scale prototype design and the construction of a subscale model for test in Texas A&M’s Oran Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel during a follow-on second phase of the project.

Bluenergy Solarwind’s double-helix, vertical-axis turbine design provides optimized generation in low wind speeds, 8-15 mph and produces power in winds up to 90 mph. The Savonius-type wind turbine features solar cells coated with a fluoropolymer film that can capture sunlight from any angle and be affixed to curved surfaces. The hybrid arrangement allows for a significantly higher operating capacity factor than other turbines.

Author: Heather Dunn
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