HTC launches new educational program to train inner city Houstonians for job market


In today’s technology-driven business environment, jobs that offer a “living wage,” benefits, and opportunities for advancement increasingly require technical skills and a comfort level with computers.  But up until now, a single mother working as a $6 an hour janitor or a father of four pulling the graveyard shift have had few opportunities to acquire the technology skills necessary to participate in the Workforce.
Houston Technology Center (HTC) is addressing this problem with the launch of TECbridge, a technology and interpersonal skills training program designed to provide inner city Houstonians who have few or no technical job skills with increased opportunity for employment that is sustainable, rewarding and has potential for economic advancement.
The workforce skills training program is designed to quickly equip underserved workers with the technical tools necessary to enter the workforce.  TECbridge will provide program participants with a basic introduction to computers, including foundational and intermediate level instruction in the basic applications used in today’s office environment. Students in the program will have access to a Web based training system that offers instruction in over 2200 different courses, which can be tailored to learning pathways leading to readiness for certification testing in a variety of Web-related fields, such as Web Developer, Database Developer, Technical Support, Network Administration. The pilot program will be a course of Web Development and will include instruction in the latest languages and tools being used to develop e-commerce and portal Web sites.

In addition to teaching technical skills, TECbridge courses also help students develop the “soft skills” necessary to advance in the business world.  Time is set aside each week for professional development seminars on topics, such as team interactions, appropriate workplace dress and behavior, business etiquette, resume building and problem solving. Additionally, designated mentors will work with students to support them throughout the program

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