Houston Technology Center Names Three New Client Companies

he Houston Technology Center (HTC), a business accelerator that assists in the rapid commercialization of Houston-based emerging technology companies, announces its newest Client Companies: Intermat, Inc., Stonebond Technologies LP and Tyrell, Inc. After evaluating business plans and meeting management teams, HTC determined these companies are appropriate matches for its acceleration services and has named each a Client Company.

HTC offers Client Companies in-depth business guidance including setting operational goals, advising and consulting on strategic business matters and serving as a coach for the entrepreneur. HTC also facilitate access to professional services and introductions to potential corporate partners and mentors.

Intermat provides maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) content management software and cataloging services to more than 100 companies in various manufacturing and industrial markets.
Its cataloging solutions enable customers to improve throughput, eliminate excess inventory and procurement costs and to realize maximum benefits from their systems.

Stone Bond provides software that synchronizes business strategy and process through information access. Stone Bond’s Enterprise Enabler removes all technical barriers between business units so any data in any format can be viewed, shared and handled.

Tyrell developed the Z-Stick to treat acne. The Z-Stick eliminates the bacteria that cause acne with none of the side effects commonly experienced when treating acne with chemicals, as well as making the blemish disappear more quickly.

“The Houston Technology Center is looking forward to working with our newest clients: Intermat, Stone Bond and Tyrell,” said Paul Frison, HTC President and CEO. “By providing our expertise, guidance and networks to these well positioned companies, we hope to help them grow quickly and become visible successes for Houston.”

HTC Client Companies benefit from HTC’s Service Provider Network, which includes legal advisors, accountants, marketing professionals, consultants and others. Eligible HTC Client Companies also may reside within the 26,000-square-foot Houston Technology Center.
Author: Becky Myers
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