HOUSTON - October 3, 2008 - The Houston Technology Center (HTC), a business accelerator that assists Houston-based emerging technology companies, is hosting 50 client and graduate companies today as they present their latest emerging technologies during the annual Houston Technology Showcase® at the Hyatt Regency Houston.

The event’s keynote speaker is Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr., a clinical scientist, flight surgeon and veteran astronaut of two space flights, who will present the topic Living with Technology: Implications for Houston’s Future. In addition, HTC is excited to announce three client companies that have received pre-seed commercialization awards in the amount of $250,000 from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (ETF). These recipients, which may also be eligible to receive up $1 million in assistance from the ETF, include Sunrise Ridge Algae, Inc., BetaBatt, Inc. and Cormedics Corporation.


“We are pleased to have the opportunity to highlight our client companies and their innovative technologies as well as recognize those receiving awards by the Governor’s office,” said Walter Ulrich, president and chief executive officer of HTC. “This year’s showcase features a variety of exhibitors who represent HTC’s key sectors, including information technology, energy, life sciences, nanotechnology and NASA/aerospace technologies. It will be a fascinating day.”

The first of the award recipients, Sunrise Ridge Algae, Inc., is working to commercialize an algae-to-biofuel technology that converts waste water and waste CO2 to high-value biofuels and animal feeds. Norman Whitton, chief executive officer of Sunrise Ridge Algae, said: “We are very pleased to receive this award from the State of Texas. It demonstrates the state government’s long-term commitment to maintaining Texas’ position as energy supplier to the country, and their confidence in our company.” For more information about Sunrise Ridge Algae, Inc., visit its website at www.sunrise-ridge.com. This ETF award has been issued through the Central Texas RCIC. For more information, visit www.sunrise-ridge.com

BetaBatt® develops long-lasting, reliable power sources. It has researched and patented a novel 3D energy conversion architecture based on nano-scale porous silicon. The company's first commercial product has a 12-20 year lifespan and mission-critical reliability. The BetaBattery addresses current issues faced by the medical implant, oil and gas, and remote sensing industries, as well as military and space organizations. “BetaBatteries will open up other new applications that require compact, long-life, low-power sources, such as performance monitoring of electronics in difficult-to-maintain locations,” said Larry Gadeken, president of BetaBatt. He added: “Our ongoing relationship with Rice University makes key expertise available that is contributing to our success.” For more information, visit www.betabatt.com

The third recipient is Cormedics Corporation, which develops novel technologies and therapies that selectively treat the entire heart by introducing them into the pericardial space which surrounds the heart. “Using this new approach, the entire heart is treated from the outside-in,” he continued. Cormedics plans to first employ this minimally invasive intrapericardial access device for current standard-of-care applications for the removal and diagnosis of pericardial fluid. Cormedics also plans to use the intrapericardial access device to deliver a variety of other electrophysiology and echocardiography devices, and drug therapies to the heart,” said Jim Meador, president of Cormedics. For more information, contact Meador at 713.772.8727 or jmeador@cormedics.net.

In 2005, the Texas Legislature created the Texas ETF offering $200 million dollars to assist small to mid-size technology companies launch quickly, expedite the commercialization of new life-changing inventions out of the lab and into the hands of consumers, and improve research at Texas universities. The ETF program has been renewed to fund awards through August 2009.

The HTC serves as the Gulf Coast Regional Center for Innovation and Commercialization (RCIC) for the Texas ETF, collaborating with the Greater Houston Partnership, area universities, community volunteers and economic development organizations within its 30-county region. The Gulf Coast RCIC is responsible for processing all funding applications and supporting emerging technology companies in its region. It is currently accepting applications for the next round of funding by the ETF. The deadline to submit applications for this round is October 21, 2008. For detailed information about the ETF and upcoming deadlines, visit the Gulf Coast RCIC web site at www.gulfcoastrcic.org.

About the Houston Technology Center

The Houston Technology Center (HTC) is a business accelerator that assists Houston-based emerging technology companies within several key sectors: Energy, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology and NASA/Aerospace technologies. HTC serves as the Gulf Coast Regional Center for the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, helping small to mid-size companies expedite the commercialization of new technologies. For more information, visit www.houstontech.org.


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