Houston Business Partners with Intuit on Sustainability Efforts

HOUSTON--The Green Business Bureau (GBB), one of the fastest growing third-party green certifications organizations, has partnered with Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks and Turbo Tax, to spread awareness on the benefits of going green in today’s market. The GBB launched in 2009 and has since begun to offer exceptional tools and services paving the way for small business owners to go green and save money. A small, start-up business itself, the GBB is excited to announce this partnership.

Intuit and GBB have recently launched “Green Your Business,” a blog, designed to deliver industry-specific green ideas, ask questions of leading eco-consultants and help business owners SAVE MONEY while learning to go green. As an addition to the existing Intuit community site, which receives over a million views per month, the blog will be used to promote green practices and benefits for SMBs.

“As part of our efforts to help small businesses make and save money, Intuit has chosen to work with the GBB, a leading small business green certification provider,” says Intuit’s Sustainability Director, Rupesh Shah. “GBB has excellent resources and tools to help small businesses, including industry-specific green tips and resources, authentic and transparent third-party certifications, and a network of 650+ trained eco-consultants ready to help small businesses.”

Industries that the blog will reach are far-spread and range from landscaping and nurseries to dry cleaners and nail salons, auto stores and restaurants, hotels and health clubs, professional and construction and more.

“In today’s economy, it’s all about the bottom line. Our goal is to offer resources to business owners, stepping-stones, to go green and improve the bottom line,” says Marcos J. Cordero, LEED AP and CEO of GBB. “This goes beyond just changing light bulbs. The industry-specific content we provide will help lead SMBs to cost savings, marketing opportunities, and ultimately, growing their businesses.”


About Green Business Bureau

The Green Business Bureau (GBB) was founded with the vision of helping small-to-medium sized business owners implement sustainability practices that result in benefits, such as cost-savings, ROI and additional marketing opportunities. Co-founded by Marcos J. Cordero, LEED AP, the GBB’s nationally recognized, third-party green certification provides industry specific programs that offer step-by-step guidelines on how to benefit and save money by going green. GBB is a Client Company of the Houston Technology Center. For more information on going green, visit www.gbb.org.

Author: Ami Almquist
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