Custom Catalytic Solutions, Inc. Announces First Production Run

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Pasadena, TX (17 Oct 07) – Custom Catalytic Solutions, Inc., a new manufacturer of high-quality catalysts for the chemical process industry, announced today their first production run. An open house and reception will be held October 25th to celebrate this important milestone.

The initial catalyst run is a standard product, S-01A, used for selective hydrogenation and olefin saturation in LPG and light hydrocarbons in refineries and petrochemical plants.

“While the initial production run was a limited quantity, it demonstrates the capability of our manufacturing process and the effectiveness of our business model, which will shorten lead-time for catalysts orders”, said Carole Riekert, President and co-founder of Custom Catalytic Solutions.  

Gary Gildert, Executive Vice President and co-founder of Custom Catalytic Solutions added, “We are now able to respond rapidly to customers with replacement-in-kind catalyst, optimized catalyst formulations engineered to unique process conditions, as well as custom catalyst formulations to meet new specifications.”

“We enable our customers to eliminate the risk of process downtime due to slow deliveries by other catalyst manufacturers who produce their product overseas,” said Riekert.

During the design and construction of their new plant in Pasadena, Texas Custom Catalytic Solutions focused on reducing environmental impact. Process water is recycled and reused, air emissions are minimal, and plant equipment is designed for maximum energy efficiency.       

An open house and reception will be held at the new Custom Catalytic Solutions facility in Pasadena, Texas on Thursday, October 25, 2007 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. This open house welcomes the refining and chemical processing community, members of the media and public officials. If you are interested in attending and meeting the management team, please call Ashley Carter at 281.599.1557 or email at

About Custom Catalytic Solutions

Custom Catalytic Solutions, Inc. ( ) is a Houston Technology Center client company who manufactures high-quality, custom catalysts for the chemical process industry while maintaining an environmentally friendly facility and operating process. The new manufacturing plant is strategically located in Pasadena, Texas, providing ready access to Gulf Coast refineries and petrochemical producers. Their business model ensures that the chemical processing industry will have access to varying quantities of catalyst, quickly, at competitive prices.  

Delivering industry expertise, collaborative research and development, and operational excellence ensures timely distribution of high quality catalyst products. Custom Catalytic Solutions designs, specifies, and manufactures precious metal on alumina catalysts for hydrogenation processes to eliminate toxins and other impurities from hydrocarbon mixtures. The ability to customize metal loading, shapes and sizes based on operating and reactor information improves system performance with optimum catalysts. Custom Catalytic Solutions goes beyond the catalyst bed upgrading the knowledge base by offering process design packages, operating manuals, and extensive training for the complete hydrogenation unit. 

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