AngelNet Energy Signs MOU With EPIC

AngelNet Energy, Water & Environmental Systems Corporation (AN-EWES), a Texas Corporation signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Energy Projects International Company, LLC (EPIC) of Florida. Within the provisions of this MOU, EPIC intends to use AN-EWES’ “IS2O-Microgrid” technology for their energy projects throughout the Caribbean basin and licensing it for all of their future projects worldwide. The MOU also covers EPIC’s option in acquiring AN-EWES’ equity in the future.

EPIC has proprietary project concept platforms and execution programs, and has the capability to successfully execute projects, with a particular interest in serving the resource needs of developing societies, economies, and industries. Currently, EPIC is developing multiple power projects in the Caribbean countries and South America.

AN-EWES is a technology company focusing on innovative solutions to challenges in energy, water and environmental issues. Its first product, IS2O-MicroGrid, is a comprehensive optimized control system for design and operation of micro-grids for reliable and affordable renewable electricity. It integrates renewable energy with conventional base-load sources and energy storage that eliminates intermittency issue of renewables. By enabling an increase in the supply of reliable, affordable, renewable energy, IS20-MicroGrid will contribute to reduction in harmful emissions and for the first time provide electricity to remote communities, bringing significant social benefits including improved healthcare, agriculture, economic development and employment. The conceptual design is complete and business development is in progress. The 1st IS2O-MicroGrid is scheduled for delivery in Q4 2017.

AN-EWES’ Competitive Advantages include experience of its Founder and Development partners who had been working together on energy-project developments and implementations for over 15 years in the US and internationally. Some of these projects were initiated during the programs funded by the United Nations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, US Agency for International Development and US Trade & Development Agency.

During the 4Q 2016, AN-EWES became a Client Company of the Houston Technology Center (HTC) and received $25,000 investment from the “McNair Houston Ignition Fund.” The McNair Group is a diversified group of investment, operating and philanthropic companies that is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with an investment focus in the energy, real estate, technology and health science industries.