AIPM Signs Distribution Deal with MEDeCOACH for Health Coaching

HOUSTON – American Institute for Preventive Medicine (AIPM), Farmington Hills, Michigan, signed an agreement Monday, June 12, to distribute MEDeCOACH products and services to its existing customer base, according to officials of both companies. 
MEDeCOACH, based in Houston, is a health improvement company which uses internet technology to deliver personalized virtual and live health coaching. The agreement expands AIPM’s reach through the use of the internet, providing an efficient, secure system to provide both telephone and email coaching services, according to Allyson Faist, president and CEO of MEDeCOACH.
AIPM is an award-winning developer, publisher and provider of medical self-care, disease management and wellness publications.  It works with more over 12,000 corporations, unions, hospitals, managed care organizations, government agencies and colleges to reduce health care costs, lower absenteeism and increase productivity.
The agreement solidifies the philosophy of both companies: help employees improve their health by changing lifestyle habits through coaching and health education.
“MEDeCOACH is pleased with the opportunity to work with AIPM, and expand our presence in the marketplace, providing employees with information and connection to improve their health,” said Faist.
“Having been in the wellness field for 23 years, AIPM is very choosy about who it partners with. MEDeCOACH met and surpassed all of our criteria for an online health coaching service,” said Dr. Don R. Powell, President and CEO.
The National Institute of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and the Department of Health and Human Services have stated as a result of extensive research that lack of physical activity, poor nutrition and stress are significant factors contributing to the majority of chronic health conditions, diseases, and premature deaths in the United States. This finding predicated the founding of MEDeCOACH, whose products and services are designed to help people change behaviors to improve overall health and thereby lower employer costs of healthcare and other health-related expenses such as absenteeism. 
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