Voxofon Gives iPhone Users Contract-Free, High-Quality International Calling, Starting at a Penny-Per-Minute

Native iPhone app reduces cost and simplifies process of international calling

June 8, 2011 (Houston TX) – Voxofon, a leading provider of Voice over IP (VoIP) international calling services worldwide, now offers a native application that makes it simple and inexpensive for iPhone users to make international calls from their iPhone Contacts directory; Voxofon Call History or Contacts.  International calling with Voxofon is a low-cost, high-quality, contract-free way to stay in touch with friends, family, and business associates for pennies per minute.

“Mobile and landline callers commonly experience a trifecta of international calling challenges: Exorbitant rates; Long term contracts; and Complicated dial sequences,” said Alexey Goloshubin, president of Voxofon.  “Often, they feel as though they’re writing a blank check to their phone service provider. In many situations, the process of remembering and dialing correctly the long sequence of numbers to make that international call can be frustrating.”

With Voxofon, iPhone users download a free app and are able to use their iPhone’s contacts directory to reach anyone internationally by simply selecting them – no need to enter complicated codes or dialing sequences. Also, the app displays the exact cost to that precise destination number even before the user starts the call, so users can validate the exceptionally low rates we give them every time - there is total transparency and no surprises.

Key features of every Voxofon call include:

Simplicity - Calling abroad from any phone is exceptionally easy.  There’s no need for PIN codes - just dial and talk.  Access to Contacts and Call History enables redialing with the touch of only one key.  The Voxofon SMS user interface is easy to navigate, even for the mobile phone novice.

Affordability - Voxofon prices start at a penny per minute, allowing users to call abroad and spend more time talking with friends, family and business associates.

Quality – Voxofon always uses connections with reliable, high quality routes for connecting calls abroad.

Security - Voxofon protects information so that users can make calls abroad safely. 

Efficient Customer Support – Access to our multilingual support agents for timely resolution of any customer issue or concern.

About Voxofon
Used by thousands of people every day, Voxofon provides high quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) international phone calling services from any land line, mobile phone or computer, including the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and HP Palm webOS.  Voxofon’s low-cost international calling rates start at only 1 cent per minute, with no setup or monthly fees. Voxofon is a Houston Technology Center Client Company.

Author: Bill Pickard
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