$145K Distributed for Prestigious Goradia Innovation Prize

Winners Announced at Houston Technology Center’s Innovation Conference and Showcase

(Houston, TX) October 6, 2011- The Houston Technology Center, Texas’ largest technology incubator and accelerator announced today the winners of the prestigious Goradia Innovation Prize, recognizing the best innovations from leading Texas Gulf Coast universities and research institutions.  The selection of awardees was based upon the commercial potential of the technology, the soundness of the business plan, the potential for job growth within the region and the likelihood of significant long-term success. 

Winners were announced at the Innovation Conference & Showcase presented by the Houston Technology Center on October 5, at the Hilton University of Houston.  “The celebration highlighting the advancements of emerging technology companies and academic research institutions in the Texas Gulf Coast was the perfect arena to announce the second round of awardees,” said Walter Ulrich, president and CEO of the Houston Technology Center. “The Goradia Innovation Prize is meant to inspire entrepreneurialism, support the Gulf Coast region with job growth, and take innovation the last mile to reach customers, consumers, and patients”.

Grand Prize Winner ($50,000) OsComp Systems Inc. extends the economical production of liquids-rich shale wells through the application of its proprietary high efficiency multiphase compressor.

First Prize Winner ($35,000) Signal Advance, Inc. has developed proprietary Signal Advance Technology (SAT) that temporally advances signal detection offsetting transmission/response delays leading to improved system performance.

Second Prize Winner ($25,000) Shape Memory Therapeutics, Inc. is commercializing breakthrough neurovascular device to treat cerebral aneurysm with features well ahead of competition in a rapidly growing $1B market.

Third Prize Winner ($15,000) Noninvasix, Inc. is commercializing a novel, noninvasive blood diagnostic platform to replace invasive blood sampling and catheterization for millions each year.

Honorable Mentions ($5,000 each) included:
Arcos, Inc.
Canopy Edge, Inc.
Nano3D Biosciences, Inc.

Arcos, Inc.’s clinical decision support software improves outcomes for critical care and has enabled The Methodist Hospital System® to reduce sepsis mortality from 34% to 14%. Canopy Edge, Inc. is developing a first-of-its-kind device platform for therapy delivery using a patented Percutaneous Close Loop Perfusion System with first target use for anticancer agents to target organs. Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. has a breakthrough technology for growing cells that is faster, easier and produces greater yield than any other existing 3D cell culturing method today. Osteocene is developing a revolutionary bone reconstruction technology that repairs form, restores function, and manages infections.

The Houston Technology Center gratefully acknowledges the support and contribution of Mr. Vijay Goradia and Dr. Marie Goradia and their family for establishing the prestigious Goradia Innovation Prize, a one million dollar gift to be awarded for the next ten years.  HTC also acknowledges the Greater Houston Partnership’s Opportunity Houston for their additional contribution of $100,000 to be awarded for the next two years. 

Author: Maggie Joplin
Phone: (713) 658-1750