As the largest technology business incubator and accelerator in Texas, HTC advances the commercialization of emerging technology companies in the Houston area.  HTC’s Nanotechnology Incubation and Acceleration Programs take technology start-ups from early stage to maturity.  Each day, the staff and partners of the Houston Technology Center work closely with entrepreneurs and startup companies addressing their unique needs and goals by providing them with in-depth strategic and tactical business guidance, fundraising advice, and connecting them to opportunities, allies, and capital.

HTC colllaborates with world-reowned nantechnology experts from leading institutions including the Texas Medical Center, Rice University, and the University of Houston to build a supportive environment for nanotechnology related advances. HTC assists these early stage companies in developing nanotechnology-based solutions applicable in the energy, life sciences, and IT fields. HTC partners with other organizations to position Houston as a leader in the nanotechnology arena. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to help your company become successful and meet its commercialization goals.  For information on becoming an Incubation Client or if you have a NASA-energy related technology visit our HTC - JSC Incubation page.  For additional information on becoming an Acceleration Client please attend an upcoming orientation session.  These sessions are required for all Acceleration Clients.  

A list of our current and graduate clients can be found here

Incubation Program:
HTC - JSC Campus

Tim Budzik
Managing Director HTC - JSC Campus
Acceleration Program:
HTC - Main Campus
Maryanne Maldonado, BBM, MBA
Vice President & Managing Director, Energy Acceleration

Deborah Mansfield, MS, MBA
Director, Life Sciences Acceleration