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Aerial view of Johnson Space Center - Images credit: NASA
The Houston Technology Center is establishing a fully staffed satellite facility at the Johnson Space Center to harness the technical know-how and provide business advice, incubation and acceleration services.  The goal is to leverage the incredible technologies, capabilities and expertise found in the NASA/JSC community with the commercial industry; and in the process create high technology jobs and a contribute to the economic activity in the area.
The HTC South will focus on the following goals:
1. Provide advice and assistance to entrepreneurs in order to create technology start-ups
2. Help accelerate new companies from NASA technologies and capabilities 
3. Connect JSC technologies, capabilities and expertise to other industries
4. Introduce entrepreneurs to the JSC capabilities to create high tech companies
HTC will accomplish these goals through the following seven major activities:
Acceleration:  Once a strategy has been developed and a meaningful business plan has been created, a company may apply to the HTC Client Acceleration Program.  
Education:  The extended campus will periodically hold events to educate individuals interested in becoming entrepreneurs and introduce the HTC community (entrepreneurs and industry leaders) to the NASA capabilities and technology. 
JSC Innovation Pipeline Program:  HTC will facilitate introductions between engineers, technologists and entrepreneurs.  HTC will partner with NASA/JSC and industry teams to understand the marketability of the intellectual property held by NASA/JSC. 
Industry Connections:  HTC's special relationships will help the energy industry, life sciences research institutions, and the Houston business community to understand JSC's rich capabilities and technologies, which can be leveraged for mutual benefits.  HTC has initiated capability tours to connect JSC, research institutions and businesses.  As a member of the BayTech Consortium, HTC can provide assistance in facilitating collaborations with the  Johnson Space Center.
Community Outreach: The Houston Technology Center is committed to growing a sustainable entrepreneurial community that will benefit the JSC community for years to come including its future missions beyond Low Earth Orbit.  Along with the other activities to support the existing expertise in the JSC community, HTC will seed the future workforce through its close ties with the major universities and with science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) programs and objectives.


Maryanne Maldonado
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Houston Technology Center - HTC South
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