Innovation Conference and Showcase Exhibitors

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Company Booth Number Sector Description
Aptia Systems, Inc. 1 LS Aptia Systems is a custom software development company. The company has two medical research products. Visual Specimen Manager(VSM) is a biorepository software to help manage tissue samples and the data associated with those tissues. The second product, DigatalScope, is a high-resolution digital pathology image sharing application. 
Arcos 2 LS Arcos is improving critical care outcomes with clinical decision support devices. The Burn Navigator™, our first device, guides critical fluid resuscitation of severe burn patients, who can suffer prolonged hospital stays, complications and mortality if they receive too much or too little fluid. Multiple hospitals are now using our devices.
Bluenergy Solarwind 3 Energy Expanding Renewable Energy beyond traditional large-scale solar and wind farms, our Distributed Solar and Wind Generation equipment includes remote and onsite Generation Management SaaS to reduce operation costs.  Our partner Viapod™ integrates our EnergySuite™ technologies into their mobile workspace containers to provide onsite energy for medical/health and commercial field operations.
Carbtex Technology, Inc. 4 Adv Mat Diamondown™ is a new “R&D 100” award-winning patented fiber invented and produced in Texas, which blocks convective and radiant heat loss resulting in the retention of 91% of body heat. Diamondown™ also prevents perspiration buildup by Microevaporative™ cooling. Diamondown™ out-performs up to seven layers of the best competitive product available.
CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC. 5 Energy CBMvision™ accurately predicts the earliest potential faults on industrial equipment like pumps, motors, fans and compressors allowing timely maintenance at optimal cost. CBMvision™ changes the game by offering affordable and scalable condition monitoring with advances in online acoustic and vibration analysis. We seamlessly integrate predictive analytics with existing systems and automate data collection for effective maintenance programs.   
ChartSpan Medical Technologies, Inc. 6 IT ChartSpan applies innovative structured data recognition technology to automate the capture of patient healthcare records, eliminating manual entry.  ChartSpan combines healthcare records with API data from biomedical devices, self-directed medical input information and logic-based algorithms to create impactful healthcare dashboards for patients and their physicians. 
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C-Voltaics, Inc. 8 Adv Mat C-Voltaics is a nanotechnology company that has developed protective coatings with applications across many industries. Primarily, it is a self-cleaning hydrophobic nanocoating (SCHNTM) that can be used to keep surfaces clean, stain resistant and dry. SCHN also acts as thermal, abrasion and alson anti-microbial layer, providing customers with multifuntional coatings.
DimDrop LLC 9 IT DimDrop is a software application for mobile devices that gives you instant access to local information about businesses, events, government and your immediate surroundings based on your physical GPS location.  DimDrop’s vision is to collect and present ALL global physical location information much like Google does for the digital Internet.
DreamSaver 10 Energy DreamSaver™ brings together 50 years of space industry experience to stop the transfer of heat through advanced thermal engineering solutions. Licensing of lightweight, cost effective material is currently in discussion with three major fire proof safe companies.  The DreamSaver “box” is designed to safely protect pictures, documents, and family heirlooms from house fires.
Endothelix, Inc. 11 LS VENDYS is an FDA Cleared device for measuring vascular function using digital thermal monitoring that is: Non-invasive, Inexpensive, Automated, Requiring Minimal Operator Training, Each test is reimbursable by CMS and Insurance. VENDYS® is the earliest form of cardiovascular disease detection and can be used to monitor efficacies of treatment plans. 
Epic One 12 IT Epic One is a payment security company that reduces fraud by incoporating an active smart card, biometrics, and backend authorization techniques that plug into the existing payments processing infrastructure and never exposes customers credit card numbers.
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Houston Medical Robotics 14 LS The Houston Medical Robotics, Inc. Euclid® Tier 1 Mini Access System is intended to provide faster, safer, cheaper and more effective vascular access, thus eliminating procedural complication and associated costs, reducing patient discomfort, enabling less-skilled operators and allowing for rapid life-saving interventions and a improvement in hospitals.
Hurl 15 IT Hurl transforms public TV screens into smartphone-controlled social media jukeboxes. With the Hurl smartphone app, multiple users can “hurl” online content (e.g. YouTube videos) to the big screen for everyone to enjoy. Our platform doubles as a digital billboard network that partnering brands use for geo-located push-marketing to target audiences.
INTREPID Robotics, Inc. 16 Energy INTREPID Robotics uses “explosion-proof” robots licensed with the DOE that can inspect, repair, and maintain aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) while “in-service” and full of product, you do not have to put people inside, changing from a conventional “reactive” process to a more sustainable “proactive system that finds and fixes leaks.
itRobotics, Inc. 17 Energy itRobotics is an applied technology company operation to provide state of the art non-destructive inspection tools and services for small diameter energy pipes and plant equipment using the latest robotic and non-destructive evaluation technologies. The company has appeared on the FastTech50 winners list as published by the Houston Business Journal.
LRNGO 18 IT is a worldwide learning marketplace where people teach their skills.  Earn money teaching what you love, hire an expert to teach you anything, or exchange lessons with others and learn for free.  We currently have thousands of users meeting up one-on-one in person or online in over 174 countries.
Mach Interview 19 IT Mach Interview provides colleges and universities with a unique system to increase job placement rates and boost student enrollment.
M-CoGen, Inc. 20 Energy M-CoGen manufactures micro-combined cooling, heat and power systems (MCCHP).  M-CoGen’s patent pending hybrid MCCHP systems reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency, balance existing renewable power generation systems, and greatly improve energy security and power reliability all the while offering a clean and continuous source of power.
Metal Oxide Technologies 21 Energy MetOx high temperature superconducting wire transmits electricity without electrical loss or heat. Where copper transmits 500 amps MetOx wire transmits more than 2,000,000 amps. Others sell at $13.00/ft. MetOx is very profitable $2.00/ft. Electricity storage is a reality and a stable secure grid will unlock stranded wind and solar generation.
Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. 22 LS n3D’s mission is to create an industry leading standard for 3D cell culturing and apply cell culturing by magnetic levitation to the life sciences, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine. n3D has launched an complete solution, which addresses key needs for high-throughput drug screening and innovatively utilizing Apple’s iPhone and Apps.
Noninvasix Inc. 28 LS Noninvasix, Inc. is commercializing an optoacoustic technology platform for monitoring of patients with traumatic brain injury, patients with shock and patients with anemia. With TETF funding, Noninvasix assesses anemia in newborn infants, evaluates the cerebral circulation in newborn infants and has a novel approach to fetal monitoring during labor.
Nurtured by Design 29 LS "Babies born prematurely potentially face a lifetime full of morbidities and even death. Nurtured by Design offers evidence-based ergonomic devices that help preemies develop outside the womb, thereby preventing, reducing malformations, and deficiencies commonly attributed to prematurity. We improve outcomes and reduce healthcare cost during hospitalization and for a lifetime."
Ocianna International, LLC 30 Energy Dynamic mooring device for use in off-shore energy production, yachting, military markets and any marine enviroment. Anchor is push-button operated, self-deploys, self-corrects, self-monitors and uses on-board technologies to deploy and retract. Available for use in deep water (5k+) or shallows, salt and fresh water. 
OrthoAccel Technologies, Inc. 31 LS AcceleDent® Aura is a simple-to-use, hands-free device designed for faster orthodontic treatment with only 20 minutes daily use. This FDA-cleared, Class II medical device uses SoftPulse Technology® to deliver gentle micropulses that enhance the movements directed by orthodontics and accelerate bone remodeling, allowing teeth to move up to 50% faster.
PancreatRX LLC 32 LS  PancreatRX LLC is a preclinical-stage platform biotechnology venture for pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment. The PancreatRX platform small molecules target pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas with over 99% selectivity. The first pipeline is a novel fluorescence imaging agent expected to enable the most accurate pancreatic cancer resections in industry.
PF WATERWORKS 33 Energy PF WaterWorks is a product development and manufacturing company, targeting environmentally friendly
Pipe Wrap Inc. 34 Energy Pipe Wrap designs, manufactures and sells Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite (FRPC) pipe repair systems for structural restoration and corrosion protection of pipelines. Pipe Wrap’s product systems restore pipeline to ensure safe operation without costly failures that jeopardize public safety, result in product loss, or cause property and environmental damage. 
Procyrion 35 LS Procyrion is developing a minimally invasive heart pump for the ambulatory treatment of chronic heart failure. The catheter-deployed device dramatically reduces risks asociated with competing therapies and will, for the first time, enable widespread use of mechanical circulatory support for 1.4M NYHA Class III and early Class IV patients (US).
Pterosail Trike Systems, L.C. 36 Energy Pterosail Trike Systems develops products using patented technology for combined wind, solar and kinetic powered transportation. Our first product, the Pterosail-GT recumbent tricycle, is the first vehicle that has ever crossed our continent using wind energy as its major source of propulsion. Future markets target commercial vehicles including cargo ships.
Pulmotect, Inc. 37 LS Pulmotect is developing an inhaled therapeutic, PUL-042, that boosts the innate immune response in the lung and provides immediate protection against a broad spectrum of respiratory infections. PUL-042 is a specific combination of two agonists of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) that act synergistically to stimulate the body's natural defenses.
Qukku 38 IT Qukku is a social media platform that helps brands engage consumers through online video contests.
Rebellion Photonics, Inc. 39 Energy Rebellion Photonics has created the next generation of gas leak detection technology for rig & refinery safety, the Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) camera. The GCI lowers the risk of explosions and decrease a facilities’ downtime by verifying false alarms.
Remind Technologies Inc. 40 LS 75% of patients don’t take their medications as prescribed. This is a $300 billion/ year problem. ReMinD Tech is developing the only intelligent pill box case that connects directly to the patient's smarthphone and dispenses the medication when it's time, while recording treatment adherence. we help streamline chronic disease management.
Saranas, Inc. 41 LS The Saranas System allows for immediate detection of potentially deadly bleeding complications associated with interventional procedures. The system consists of a modified introducer sheath containing several electrodes and a bedside monitor. Bioimpedance spectroscopy is used to measure the amount of blood that has accumulated in the region around the sheath.
SHMsoft, Inc. 42 IT SHMsoft develops Big Data vertical applications, with the first being a scalable eDiscovery engine. It also conducts Big Data training and seminars through its sister company, Hadoop Illuminated.
Smart Imaging Technology 43 IT We provide cloud software and web-based applications for digital pathology. We can scan the whole slide, stream images to processing server for analysis and publish results in minutes so you can easily create, share, annotate and analyze digital slides from your web browser. Get started with free account at 
TeleDrill Inc. 44 Energy TeleDrill’s downhole technology extends reach in coiled tubing applications. Patented pulser technology, in combination with downhole sensors, provides a platform for providing real time information to improve milling efficiency, while simultaneously creating a downhole force for extended reach. Downlink control enables developing a fit for purpose force for varying downhole conditions.
TerraData GeoSciences, LLC (TDGeo) 45 Energy TDGeo is an Upstream Oil & Gas Exploration Services Company that helps identify Hydrocarbon Sweet Spots and Drilling Hazards for Oil Companies using our unique Millions of Micro Migrations (M3) imaging software.
TITAN Oil Recovery, Inc. 46 Energy TITAN Oil Recovery, Inc. is an oil field service company with a proprietary state-of-the-art organic oil recovery (OOR) method for improving the performance and ultimate recovery of oil from existing oil fields. The TITAN process has been successfully demonstrated on both onshore and offshore fields.
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Trans-Tech Services, LLC 48 IT Providing global technology solutions to business aviation to provide total control on flight operations, highest data privacy and security, and reduce costs.
Turbo Trac USA, Inc. 49 Energy Turbo Trac is marketing its mechanical variable speed drive for pumps and compressors in the O&G industry.  The product optimizes production up to 30% while reducing operating and energy costs.  Pilot units are being deployed for oil well pumping across North America to customers including OXY, Pioneer, Cimarex Energy, etc.
Vapogenix, Inc. 50 LS Vapogenix is clinical stage company, creating new category of analgesics to treat localized pain from formulated volatile anesthetics. Our first product is a quick acting topical analgesic that is substantially faster than competing products. Successful development will enable the development of longer duration products to treat localized pain.
Waypoint 2 Space 51 NASA Waypoint 2 Space is helping to shape the future of the Commercial Space Industry. Comprised of industry experts, including former NASA and military personnel, and working closely with industry leaders, our team has designed the most comprehensive instructional space programs available.