Goradia Innovation Prize


The Goradia Innovation Prize recognizes the best innovations from the Houston Gulf Coast Region and encourages bringing those innovations to the marketplace.  The benefits of innovation can only occur when breakthrough technologies and groundbreaking products reach customers and patients.
The Goradia Innovation Prize is awarded to those early stage companies that have commercialized or are very close to commercializing innovative technologies within the region.   The selection of awardees is based upon the commercial potential of the innovation, the soundness of the business plan, the potential for job growth within the region and the likelihood of significant long-term success.  The prize is a direct grant to be applied to bringing the technology to market.

A structured and disciplined process will be used by a prestigious panel of judges to evaluate the finalists and select the prize winners. 

Goradia Innovation Prize 2014 Information Packet


The Houston Technology Center gratefully acknowledges the support and contribution of Vijay Goradia and Dr. Marie Goradia and their family for establishing the prestigious Goradia Innovation Prize and their $1 million donation to the fund which will be distributed over 10 years.  HTC additionally acknowledges the Greater Houston Partnership’s Opportunity Houston marketing program for their annual donation of $200,000 to the 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Goradia Innovation Prize.  

For further information please contact Deborah Mansfield, Goradia Prize Coordinator at 713-658-1750 or Goradia@houstontech.org .


Judging Criteria
Mandatory Requirements:
• Company is headquartered in the 30 county Texas Gulf Coast region surrounding Harris County as currently defined for the Texas Emerging Technology Fund program (www.gulfcoastrcic.org):  Austin, Brazoria, Brazos, Burleson, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, Hardin, Harris, Houston, Jasper, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Matagorda, Montgomery, Newton, Orange, Polk, Robertson, San Jacinto, Trinity, Tyler, Walker, Waller, Washington, and Wharton. 
• The product being developed must be based on disruptive technology and must be technically sound 
• The company must be an early stage company, less than 5 years old, with less than 5 employees, and has raised less than $1,000,000 from outside investors.• Application process includes submitting a non-confidential business plan
• Finalists must participate in the Innovation Conference & Showcase presented by Houston Technology Center on October 8, 2014, as well as, participate in the Technology Champions meeting the morning of December 5, 2014.  
• Winners of the Grand Innovation Award and top prizes cannot compete in succeeding years, but honorable mention prize winners may compete again. 
• Winners of the Grand Innovation Award and top prizes will provide an updated annual executive summary for 5 years post award 
Key Criteria:

• Commercial Potential – is the company likely to succeed and what levels of financial results can be anticipated?
• Level of Innovation – is it a breakthrough or disruptive technology or product?
• Business Pan and Management Team – how well does the management understand the opportunities and challenges, and are willing to seek help to accelerate success? 
• Job Growth & Wealth Creation – who beneficial will the company be to regional economic development? 
Other Considerations – Applicant Presentation:
• Applicants may be asked to respond in writing or orally to questions from the staff, as well as, to provide an oral presentation as part of the judging process.
NOTE:  criteria subject to change at management’s decision.

Congratulations to the 2014 Goradia Prize Winners:

  • Grand Prize of $50K awarded to NanoLinea, LLC, Colin Young, CEO. NanoLinea, LLC creates medical devices based on carbon nanotube fiber technology. The flagship product, CardioLinea, is a safe, durable, minimally invasive, truly therapeutic implant treatment for cardiac ventricular arrhythmia.
  • 1ST Place of $35K awarded to Big Delta Systems, LLC, Charudatta "Charu" Galande, Co-founder. Big Delta Systems makes ‘freeform power sources’ – energy storage devices that can take any shape, size and even flexible – using an innovative and scalable additive manufacturing process.
  • 2ND Place of $25K awarded to BreviTest Technologies, LLC, Dev Chatterjee, Director of Research. BreviTest Technologies, LLC. A device that automates enzyme immunoassays. Customizable disposable cartridges and established chemistries perform a broad range of tests with standard-of-care sensitivity and specificity.
  • 3RDPlace of $15K awarded to Vax-Immune, LLC, Joaquin Altenberg, CEO & CFO. Vax-Immune diagnoses, treats and prevents Ureaplasma infection. The Ureaplasma Rapid Diagnostic Kit (URDK) allows physicians to rapidly diagnose and treat this infection, and prevent its complications.
  • Honorable Mention awards of $5K each includes Integrated Bionics, LLC, Stephane Smith, Co-founder/CEO; C-Bond Systems, LLC, Bruce Rich, CEO; Wavve Stream Inc., Eric Beydoun, CEO; A-76 Technologies LLC, Lauren Thompson, CEO; SOHMIUMe, LLC, Christopher Morgan, Business Development Manager.




2013 Winners:

  • GRAND PRIZE of $50K awarded to C-Voltaics, Inc., Seamus "Shay" Curran, Ph.D., CEO. C-Voltaics, Inc., a nanotechnology company, has developed a self-cleaning hydrophobic nanocoating (SCHNTM) protective coatings that can be used to keep surfaces clean, stain resistant and dry.
  • 1ST PLACE (tie) of $30K awarded to Carbtex Technology, Inc., Francis McCullough, Ph.D., President. Carbtex Technology, Inc., manufacturers’ of Diamondown™ thermal wear is the best single base layer material which keeps you warm and dry under the coldest conditions as well as cool and comfortable in the heat.
  • 1ST PLACE (tie) of $30K awarded to Saranas, Inc., Michael Magnani, CEO. Saranas, Inc., a medical device company, improves patient outcomes through real-time detection of internal bleeding complications and enables physicians to immediately address the complication using straightforward adjustments to their procedure.
  • 3RD PLACE of $15K awarded to PancreatRX LLC, Geeta Shroff, CEO. PancreatRX LLC is a preclinical-stage platform biotechnology venture for pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment. The platform allows small molecules to target pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas.
  • Honorable Mention awards of $5K each includes ChartSpan Medical Technologies, Inc., Jon-Michial Carter, CEO; Remind Technologies Inc., Nicole Pardo, M.D., CEO & Co-Founder.


2012 Winners:

GRAND PRIZE of $50K awarded to Procyrion, Inc., Benjamin Hertzog, President & CEO. Procyrion is developing the first catheter-deployed circulatory assist device for long-term use to treat Class III-IV heart failure patients in the US who have few therapeutic options. 

1ST PLACE of $35K awarded to Smart Office Energy Solutions, Bryan Hassin, Co-Founder & CEO. Smart Office Energy Solutions reduces office energy consumption by up to 25% by engaging the people inside it. 

2ND PLACE of $25K awarded to SHMsoft, Inc., Mark Kerzner, President & CEO.  A Big Data solutions provider, is the first to develop an open-source e-Discovery solution that uses advanced clustering technology.

3RD PLACE of $15K awarded to DreamSaver Enterprises, LLC, Chris Shiver, President & Founder. Composite Thermal Transfer Prevention materials and solutions based on Space Shuttle heat shield materials stop the transfer of heat more efficiently, against higher temperatures, with lower cost and lighter weight. 

Honorable Mentions include Akros TechLabs, LLC, Sid Prasanna, CEO; CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC, Cindy Boyd, CEO; Epic One Corporation, William Gomez, Jr., Co-Founder; Nurtured by Design, Yamile Jackson, CEO & Founder