Exhibitors for IC&S 2014


Sector Logo  Company Company Description
Energy Logo_-_A76_Technologies.png A-76 Technologies (Goradia) A-76 Technologies supplies the A-76 line of corrosion inhibitors and lubricants, providing solutions to many industries, including energy, manufacturing, transportation, and maritime applications.  A-76 Technologies offers superior protection and lubrication for high humidity, high salinity, and extreme temperature environments as well as a green variation containing no volatile organic compounds.
Energy  Logo_-_Amros.jpg Amros Corporation  Amros has developed a technology that uses standard log data to calculate a production profile that shows where recoverable oil is located.  It shows operators where to frack vertical wells and where to drill horizontal wells to optimize field development. It eliminates unnecessary fracks to reduce costs and environmental impact.  
 Energy  Logo_-_Apprion.png  Apprion (Chevron)  Apprion delivers intelligent, industrial applications and services for the process manufacturing industry.  Apprion extends and manages the Industrial Internet of Things with the only open, industrial application platform – the ION System. The ION System includes multiple industrial applications that address all of your safety, security, compliance and performance.  
 Life Science  Logo_-_Arcos_2012.jpg  Arcos, Inc.  The Burn Navigator™ is the first and only FDA-cleared decision support technology designed to guide resuscitation of burn Shock. It was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research Burn Center in San Antonio and has been proven in over 300 burn patients throughout the U.S.
 Energy  Bench_Watch.jpg  BenchWatch  BenchWatch empowers everyone to build a trusted personal workforce and be found when needed.  For oil and gas companies, this directly addresses the “great crew change” by enabling employees to quickly find and engage trusted knowledge – and allows retirees to remain active and engaged as shared resources across the industry. 
 Energy  Logo_-_Big_Delta_Systems.jpg  

Big Delta Systems, Inc.

 Big Delta Systems makes ‘freeform power sources’ – energy storage devices that can take any shape, size and even flexible – using an innovative and scalable additive manufacturing process. The technology is chemistry-agnostic - compatible with all commercially chemistries as well as adaptable to new, advanced chemistries in the future. 
 Energy  Logo_-_Bluenergy_Solarwind_Inc.png  BLUENERGY SOLARWIND, INC.  Bluenergy Solarwind’s WiseEnergy™ software streamlines Maintenance, Repair, and Operations of Distributed Clean Energy Installations integrating small wind, solar thermal, photovoltaic, and geo-thermal systems. WiseEnergy reduces the labor, costs and risk of distributed energy operations, integrating control with Enterprise Energy Management Systems and providing drill-down detail for decision-making.
 Life Science  Logo_-_Brevitest.png  

BreviTest Technologies, LLC

 BreviTest Technologies, LLC is revolutionizing point-of-care testing with a device that automates enzyme immunoassays. We use customizable disposable cartridges and established chemistries to perform a broad range of tests with standard-of-care sensitivity and specificity. Competitive advantages include significantly reduced runtime, one-step user operation, ultra-portability, and low price point. 
 Energy  CTI_LOGO_091013.jpeg  Carbtex Technology, Inc.  Diamondown TM is a new "R&D 100" award-winning patented fiber invented and produced in Texas, which blocks convective and radiant heat loss resulting in the retention of 91% of body heat.  Diamondown TM out-performs up to seven layers of the best competitive product available.
 Energy  Logo_-_CBM_Blue_Transparent.png  CBM Enterprise Solutions, LLC  CBMvision™ accurately predicts the earliest potential faults on industrial equipment like pumps, motors, fans and compressors allowing timely maintenance at optimal cost. CBMvision™ changes the game by offering affordable and scalable condition monitoring with advances in online acoustic and vibration analysis. We seamlessly integrate predictive analytics with existing systems and automate data collection for effective maintenance programs.
 Nano Technology  Logo_-_C-Bond.jpg  C-Bond Systems  C-Bond is a non-toxic, water-based “green” nanotechnology designed to significantly increase the strength, flexibility and safety of glass. C-Bond enables ordinary glass to dissipate energy, reconfiguring the molecules within the glass structure. This results in an invisible “safety barrier” that is extraordinarily resilient to high-impact force and severe stress environments. 
 Life Science  CRG_medical.jpg  CRG Medical, Inc.  CRG Medical’s KBCore is a Hazard Identification, Early Warning, Patient Safety Evaluation System designed to prevent patient harm. The KBCore "Purple Button" mobile app is used to scan barcodes on patient armbands, medications, medical devices and blood or blood products to auto-populate forms and send them to a Patient Safety Officer, at the click of a button.
 IT  Logo_-_Cyfrcord.PNG  Cyfrcord Technologies, Inc.  Cyfrcord Technologies is developing hardware and software systems to address the vulnerabilities of current biometric systems and enhance user authentication for mobile device users.
 IT  DimDrop-DropCompassOnly.png  DimDrop, LLC  DimDrop creates apps that make complex analysis of map data useful for consumers in the form of smart, fun and easy to understand videos.   Our first product will help real estate professionals and home buyers learn about the properties for sale and the neighborhoods they are in.  
 Energy  Logo_-_Dynamic_Tubular.jpg Dynamic Tubular Systems, Inc.  Dynamic Tubular Systems is pioneering new well tubular expansion technologies which utilizes an elastic recovery process to increase pipe diameter after placement downhole. The novel technology provides full monobore capabilities, very high strength properties suitable even for deephole, and improved borehole integrity and safety through its active self-sealing characteristics.
 Energy  Logo_-_Skolkovo_Gazohim.png  

Gazohim Techno

 Gazohim Techno has developed unique Gas to Liquids technology for remote fields with associated gas. As a part of the field infrastructure, a Mini-GTLTM plant profitably converts associated petroleum gas into syncrude. The pilot plant is under construction and MoUs have been signed for annual processing of twelve billion m3.
 IT    GoToPills  

GoToPills is a proprietary, disruptive prescription drug database that increases patient safety
and decreases liability risks for healthcare providers by alerting physicians, pharmacists, and
patients when a drug is "off-label" (not FDA-approved) because of the prescribed reason, age, gender, or duration.

 Energy  NASA.jpg  

Infrared Contrast Data
NASA Johnson Space Center

 Information of Infrared contrast data analysis method for flash infrared thermography nondestructive evaluation is provided. This is NASA patented post-processing method called the Infrared Contrast. It is used to enhance flaw detectability, characterize detected flaws, monitor flaw growth and get quantitative measurements.  The method uses calibration based on infrared response. 
 Life Science  Logo_-_Integrated_Bionics.jpg  

Integrated Bionics, LLC

 HeadsUp is a sophisticated head impact sensor designed for youth and professional athletes.  It provides objective measures of head accelerations, allowing quicker assessment of possible injury.  Real-time information about impact severity is now possible through an easy-to-read LED display. Welcome to the age of information.  Welcome to the new HeadsUp headband.
Energy  Logo_-_Skolkovo_Laser_Solutions.png  

Laser Solutions
Unique Fiber Devices

 Laser Solutions, a leading innovator in distributed fiber optic sensing, provides advanced monitoring systems to assure safe and reliable pipeline operations, and can improve recovery in oil and gas wells by turning fiber-optic cable into a powerful sensory device that performs permanent, real-time, temperature, strain, pressure and acoustic monitoring.  
 IT  Logo_-_LRNGO.png  LRNGO, Inc.  LRNGO, INC. is an IT company that develops web and mobile solutions that help people connect to learn from each other.  Our first product LRNGO.com is where users in over 200 countries practice one-to-one learning transactions and create personal learning networks worldwide.
 IT  Logo_-_maana.png  MAANA, Inc. (Chevron)  Maana is a search engine for industrial big data on Hadoop. Enterprises acquire massive quantities of data from myriad of sources on Hadoop, and they can use Maana to search across this data for discovery of insights. The company is backed by its strategic investors Intel and GE. 
 IT  Logo_-_Mach-Interview.jpg  Mach Interview  Mach Interview provides solutions to Colleges and Universities to increase job placement rates, boost student enrollment and create employer relationships.  Our system allows colleges to create and manage online e-portfolios for their students to better market themselves to employers by uploading samples of their work, creating videos of themselves answering industry-related interview questions, and more.
 Energy  Logo_-_Skolkovo_Maroma.jpg  


 Maroma employs unique, proprietary technology to economically manufacture highest quality ball valves with closing elements from cermet for abrasive, high temperature environments in energy, chemical and other severe industrial processes. Maroma’s process delivers high quality and long life elements at a much lower cost than competitive products.
 Energy  Logo_-_MCoGen.JPG  M-CoGen, Inc.

 • M-CoGen provides energy security and independence through a distributed micro power plant.

• Our Tri-Generation system powers, cools and heats structures on site. 

• The grid becomes your backup. Excess power can then be sold back to the grid.
• Our proprietary software and hardware platform addresses multiple markets for residential, commercial, light industrial, military and government markets.

 Energy    Metal Oxide Technologies  At MetOx, we are smart people utilizing proprietary world class epitaxial growth technology to create superconducting wire that changes the way the world uses electricity.  Our wire transmits electricity without electrical loss or heat in operation.  Where copper transmits 500 amps our wire material can transmit more than 1,000,000 amps.
 IT  Logo_-_Moblize.png  Mobilize (Chevron)  Moblize, Inc. is a leading independent data watchdog and Early Warning Command Center Services to US land producers on Non Productive time /Invisible Loss Time related issues 24 by 7 during Well construction and completion. To date, we have provided our services on over 3,300 plus unconventional wells in USA.
 Life Science  Logo_-_Nano_3D_Biosciences.png  Nano 3D BioSciences  Nano3D Biosciences, Inc. (n3D) mission is to create the industry-leading technology for 3D cell culturing and to apply its magnetic 3D bioprinting and levitation platforms to address unmet needs in life science research, drug discovery, toxicology testing, and regenerative medicine markets.
 Life Science  Logo_-_NanoLinea-01.jpg  

NanoLinea, LLC

 NanoLinea creates novel medical devices based on carbon nanotube fiber technology.  Our flagship product, CardioLinea, is a minimally invasive treatment for cardiac ventricular arrhythmia. CardioLinea is a safe, durable, truly therapeutic implant which restores healthy conduction in the heart and avoids the risks and costs associated with currently available treatments.
 Energy  Logo_-_Skolkovo_NGTS.jpg  


 The NGTS Aroforming process removes sulfur compounds and converts naphtha and methanol into a high-octane reformate  releasing hydrogen.  This straightforward one-step process replaces naphtha desulfurization, reforming, isomerization and benzene removal, reducing costs by over 50%.  Lab scale processing has demonstrated performance on LPG, natural gasoline, full range naphtha and pyrolysis gasoline.
 Life Science  Logo_-_Nurtured_By_Design.png  Nurtured By Design  Babies only develop the brain, grow, and heal while they sleep.  We apply ergonomics/safety engineering to develop technologies that facilitate sleep, attachment with the parents, and safety in any pediatric/neonatal/post partum unit and then at home, thereby decreasing infants accidental falls and morbidities commonly associated to prematurity and hospitalization.
 IT  Logo_-_panzura.png  


 Panzura transforms cloud storage into high-performance enterprise file systems. With Panzura, cloud storage not only serves as every tier of storage, but the same collaborative primary storage across every office.  Panzura delivers one file system across hundreds of offices that enables users to work together as if they were in the same room.  
 IT  NASA.jpg  

Passive Smart Packaging Device
NASA Johnson Space Center

 NASA’s passive smart packaging device tracks internal inventories and reports to a commercial RFID interrogator without having to tag individual items, which may be too small to support a tag with sufficient range, or for which tagging at the item level is cost prohibitive.  Concept is extensible to larger items.
 Energy  Logo_-_Skolkovo_Pergam.png  

Pergam Technica Services

 Pergam’s continuous, automatic, and remote methane leak monitoring system based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) detects methane leaks at compressor stations, LNG terminals and other gas facilities at a distance of up to 150 meters rotating 360°.  It helps operators improve energy efficiency, safety and environmental impact.  
 Energy  Pergam_Technical_Services.jpg

Petroleum Technologies

 Petroleum Technology has developed a clamp-on multiphase flow meter based on vibro sensor technology to accurately measure oil, gas and water flow in production lines. The technology provides low cost, real time measurement with accuracy greater than +-2%. 
 Energy  Logo_-_PF_Waterworks.png  PF WaterWorks  PF WaterWorks™ is a technology, product development, marketing and distribution company focused on ‘Innovation’ and ‘Conservation’ offering revolutionary consumer products that solve an unsolvable problem by incorporating entirely new ideas and functions and making life easier for home owners, property managers and builders.
 IT  Logo_-_Qukku.png  Qukku, Inc.  Qukku is a software platform which enables organizations to crowdsource enthusiasm, participation and ideas from their employees, partners, and customers.
 Energy  NASA.jpg  

NASA Johson Space Center

 A spinoff from the NASA/GM Robonaut 2 humanoid, RoboGlove is a wearable grasp assist device that reduces the wearer’s effort when gripping tools for extended periods of time.  RoboGlove implements the same tendon-based drivetrain and electronics as Robonaut, and it has applications in the spaceflight, industrial, and medical fields.
 IT  Seikowave.png  Seikowave (Chevron) Seikowave, Inc. uses structured light technology paired with real-time algorithms to capture and analyze 3D images.  The 3D Toolbox (Terrestrial or Submarine), Seikowave’s core product, is a complete ruggedized measurement tool for performing non-destructive evaluation of infrastructure in situ.  
 IT  Logo_-_SHMsoft.png  SHMsoft, Inc.  A pioneer in Big Data applications for various verticals, SHMsoft has successfully implemented systems for legal, compliance and energy clients.  It’s FreeEed eDiscovery product for legal is being adopted by a wide range of users. SHMsoft is also delivering Big Data training in the US and Europe.

Sinproteck [Megatek]

 MegaTEK is an innovative oilfield service company focused on improving operating efficiency in low yield wells.  As demonstrated in successful projects with Russian oil majors, MegaTEK’s proprietary process control system generates higher hydrocarbon production and drastically reduces energy consumption in high complexity wells.   
 Nano Technology  Logo_-_Sohmiume.jpg  

Sohmiume, LLC

 Sohmiume, LLC is an advanced material manufacturer who has developed a Nano-Carbon Processing Technology. This technology enables our company to manufacture high quality Multi-wall Carbon Nanotubes in large quantities that can be made available at low cost. Our target markets are polymer resins and structural composites products.
 Energy  Logo_-_Skolkovo_Start-Catalyst.jpg  

Start Catalyst

 Start Catalyst is a Russian developer of direct catalytic oxidation process for purification of gas from hydrogen sulfide and mercaptanes into sulfur and disulfides respectively. Technology is proved by three industrial implementations.
 IT  NASA.jpg  

Tech Transfer Office

 Johnson Space Center’s Technology Transfer Office will showcase many technologies available for licensing or co-development.  Personnel will also be on hand to discuss options and mechanisms for licensing or use of NASA-JSC developed technology. 
 Energy  Texhoabromat.png  

Technoautomat R&D

 Technoautomat R&D has developed a low cost, maintenance free, easy to install, continuous, external liquid level monitoring system that uses lamb waves in the tank wall to accurately determine liquid content of tanks and vessels independent of tank size and internal configuration.  Has been extensively tested in extreme weather conditions.
 Energy  Logo_-_Teledrill.jpg  Teledrill  TeleDrill’s downhole technology extends reach in coiled tubing applications. Patented pulser technology, in combination with downhole sensors, provides a platform for providing real time information to improve milling efficiency, while simultaneously creating a downhole force for extended reach. Downlink control enables developing a fit for purpose force for varying downhole conditions.
 Energy  Titan_Oil_Rceovery.png  Titan Oil Recovery  Titan Oil Recovery provides an exciting organic oil recovery process to bring new life to existing oil fields. The technology is a biological approach for enhancing waterflood operations and re-energizing producing oil wells in existing fields. This process has been proven on 40+ oilfields in the US, Canada and Indonesia.
 Energy  Logo_-_Skolkovo_TSPC.png  


 Technological Systems for Protective Coatings” developed corrosion-resistant thermal spray coating process for the Oil & Gas industry. Using a unique robotic system, the technology enables on-site vessel coating with increased safety, quality and speed.  The solution is fully developed and has been tested by several major companies in Russia.
 IT  Logo_-_Typo_Bounty.png  TypoBounty, Inc.  TypoBounty.com is a crowd-sourced content monitoring platform that leverages the common typo as a driving force for website traffic, public relations, website stickiness, retail sales and market share gains through gamification. We double as the first impulse buy engine and online game focused on mining billions for the common typo.
 Life Science  Logo_-_Vax-Immune.jpg  


 Vax-Immune has products to diagnose, treat and prevent Ureaplasma infection. The Ureaplasma Rapid Diagnostic Kit (URDK) allows physicians to rapidly diagnose and treat this infection, and prevent its complications. Our first customer, the hospital neonatal intensive care unit, will save: baby’s lives; family pain and suffering; millions of dollars annually.
 IT  Logo_-_Watchful.jpg  

Watchful Software, Inc.

 RightsWATCH is a powerful yet simple solution that protects data at the moment it’s created.  Imagine having every email, document, spreadsheet, report, etc. in the company automatically analyzed for compliance with your information control policy, and then classified, marked and fingerprinted, even protected allowing only authorized parties to use it.
 Energy  Logo_-_WAVVE.jpg  


 Wavve Inc. produces a patented, graphene & nanotechnology-based coating solution for the water filtration industry. The Wavve solution simultaneously inactivates bacteria and eliminates heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radioactive materials.  We don’t make the filters… we make the filters better.
 Aerospace  Logo_Transparent.png  WayPoint 2 Space Waypoint 2 Space offers FAA Safety approved commercial space training programs to the general public and the commercial spaceflight industry to prepare people for their flight into space using technologies transferred from NASA and state of the art commercial space training equipment.