The Human Resources Seminar Series- Topic: Employment Based Immigration

2009 HR Seminar Series
Thursday, November 12th
Topic: Employment Based Immigration


Running a company involves knowing how to manage your responsibilities as an employer. To be successful in today’s environment, it is not enough to make the best product or provide the best service. Today you must also find, retain and develop the best people while navigating through compliance and regulatory issues. All great business leaders should always be looking for strategies to protect the most critical and valuable asset of a company, its people. It is unrealistic to know it all, but help is on the way. We can help you manage your human capital with HR strategies you can use while navigating through complex matters.     


The Better Business Bureau (BBB), The Houston Minority Business Council (HMBC), and the Houston Technology Center (HTC), in conjunction with G&A Partners, will provide monthly briefings to help educate our membership in the areas of transactional and strategic human resources.


These briefings are designed to help you manage your human capital and the associated risks. The BBB, the HMBC and the HTC see this as a way to assist members’ growth and help them better understand human resources, compliance and regulatory issues. The seminars will be free for the BBB, the HMBC, and the HTC members. Typical cost for these types of sessions start at $400.


The seminars typically last 1 hour with a 15 to 30 minute question and answer session afterwards. Registration starts at 8:45 am on the second Thursday of the month at 4801 Woodway, Auditorium (suite 205 East), Houston, Texas 77056.


On the fourth Thursday of every month, G&A Partners will present the same seminar again via a webinar.  This will give BBB, HTC, and HMBC members one more opportunity to gain valuable information in the event that they were unable to attend the seminar in person on the second Thursday of the month. 



Thu, Nov. 12, 2009
8:45 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. US/Central


Event has ended


4801 Woodway, Suite 205E
Houston, Texas 77056