The UP Experience

The UP Experience begins promptly at 9:00 am. We'll have 4 presentations, each lasting 20 minutes. Stay tuned as we announce the order of the presenters in the near future.

CHAT UP: Directly after this first session, we'll take a 30-minute break. During that break our first presenters join you in the break area for an additional 20 minutes to chat with you, up close and personal. Each of our Unique Personalities will conduct an informal question and answer session. You can look forward to this terrific opportunity to meet the speakers as well as other attendees who are equally interested - and interesting!

EAT UP: Once the break is over, we will all come back into the theater for another similar session with 4 presenters. We will break for lunch (catered by Tony's), and during the lunch break the speakers that just finished presenting will be doing their Q & A.

FIRE UP: The afternoon will include similar sessions with a break, just like the morning sessions. Equally important, as we leave the theater from each session, we'll only open the theater back up a few minutes before the start of the next sessions. You are encouraged to sit in different areas of the theater and along side other attendees whom you have not previously met. Shake their hand and learn something about another like-minded attendee. You never know how one new contact can change your FUTURE PERSPECTIVE.

FILLED UP: At the end of the day, we expect your brain to be full and intellectually happier than you have been in a very long time. With all these new perspectives, there will be a whole lot to think about until next year!

COMING UP: Stay tuned for the exciting new line-up of speakers for UP 2009.


Thu, Oct. 15, 2009
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. US/Central


Stafford Performing Arts Theatre
10505 Cash Road
Stafford, Texas 77477