BioBoot Camp

BioBoot Camp

Welcome and Update on Houston’s Life Science Industry
Jacqueline Northcut, President & CEO, BioHouston
The Scientist’s Role in Successful Company Creation
Casey Cunningham, M.D., Santé Ventures
Resource Panel
How to Turn a Discovery into a Business: Cammie Edwards, Ph.D., DNA Gateway International
How to Interface with Technology Transfer: Bruce Butler, The University of Texas Health Science Center
SBIR Funding and the Emerging Technology Fund: Deborah Mansfield, Houston Technology Center
Angel Funding: Leo Womack, Chairman, Houston Angel Network (invited)
Investor Panel
Joseph Lovett, Louisiana Fund I
Gino Di Sciullo, Ph. D., Charter Life Sciences
Chad Souvignier, Research Corporation Technologies, Inc.
Michael Wasserman, H.I.G. Ventures


Wed, Nov. 5, 2008
noon - 4 p.m. US/Central


The Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine
1825 Pressler
Houston, Texas 77030