Wallonia/Belgium: The European Hub for Technology Startups

An educational seminar for technology startups in the life sciences and medical device sectors, looking for distribution, strategic alliances, capital and network in Europe, the world’s second largest technology marketplace.  

A complimentary catered breakfast with Belgian chocolate
sponsored by the Belgian Trade Commission in Houston
Belgium is one of the few countries in the world with zero tax on capital gains, hence its success in attracting venture capital from all over the world. Banking on this opportunity, the Wallonia Region of Belgium (the southern French speaking part of Belgium) is becoming THE gateway for technology startups in the European Union.  

 The workshop will explain why innovative US life science and medical device companies should look at Europe in the early stages of their businesses, and why Wallonia is the best base of EU operations for these companies.

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Ten good reasons to use Wallonia as the base for access to the EU market
Philippe Lachapelle, Ph.D., Director of Business Development
Wallonia Export & Investment AWEX (Brussels, Belgium)

Funding for startups in Europe, Belgium and Wallonia
By Jean-Claude Ettinger, Professor,
ULB Solvay Business School (Brussels, Belgium)
 and Philippe Janssens de Varebeke, Life Sciences Expert,
Wallonia Export & Investment — AWEX (Brussels, Belgium)
The regulatory approval process in the EU compared to the US
By Paul W. Carr, President,
Shotwell & Carr, (Carrolton TX)
Protection of intellectual property in the EU from an American perspective
By Jonathan P. Osha, Founding Partner,
Osha Liang LLP (Houston TX)

Setting the stage for successful biotech partnerships
By Serge Pampfer, Managing Director,
Wallonia Biotech Coaching (Liège, Belgium)
Closing Remarks
By Guy Diedrich, Vice Chancellor of Federal Relations, Research and Commercialization,
Texas A&M University System (College Station TX)

Q & A + individual meetings
Houston Technology Center
Texas A&M University System
Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship
Greater Houston Partnership

Organizer Jean-Pierre Muller


Wed, Sep. 19, 2007
7:30 a.m. - 10 a.m. US/Central


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Houston Technology Center
Organized by: The Belgian Trade Commission
Co-hosted by Houston Technology Center