Translational Optical Molecular Imaging: Nano to Macro

There is a critical need to translate research and optical systems development to produce medical products that are robust, portable, and cost-effective. Recent progress in translational optical imaging relies on the synthesis of knowledge from many fields including fundamental optical science, medicine, chemical and biomedical engineering, and medical imaging and device technology. Combining diagnostic imaging with molecular characterization of disease is producing new trends that are sharpening perspectives; and producing practical techniques and devices that are approaching clinical application and/or commercial development.

Short course highlights

This course will be of interest to science, engineering, and clinical faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, as well as those from industry. Participants will gain new perspectives in cutting-edge systems through special sessions designed to facilitate interdisciplinary interaction in:

  • High-resolution optical imaging,
  • Deep-tissue optical imaging, and
  • Contrast agents and molecular beacons.

Industrial panel discussion

Particular emphasis will be placed on technological advances that are approaching clinical application and/or commercial development. A unique feature of the course is the daily Industrial Panel Discussions in which participants interact with leaders in the optical imaging industry. Topics to be covered include:

  • Optical molecular imaging,
  • Nanotechnologies for optical sensing,
  • Advances in micro-optical systems,
  • Biological and clinical applications of micro-optical devices,
  • Fluorescence methods for biomedical diagnostics,
  • Image guided interventions,
  • Combined imaging methodologies,
  • Advances in optical microscopy and intra-vital imaging,
  • Information processing, rendering and analysis to make maximal use of captured image data, and
  • 2D and 3D imaging of molecular beacons.

Organizer Veronique V. Tran, Ph.D.


Sun, May. 20 - Wed, May. 23, 2007
5 p.m. - 5 p.m. US/Central


Rice University, Duncan Hall