Alliance for NanoHealth 2nd Workshop

SUBJECT: Invitation to the Alliance for NanoHealth Workshop – focused on building collaborations in the areas of bioanalytics, nanotechnologies, and bioinformatics, understanding the NASA vision, and nanohealth and spaceflight , February 23, 2005, the University of Houston.

Date: February 23, 2005

Time: 9.30AM-6.00PM

Place: University of Houston

Cost: Free

The Alliance for NanoHealth - plans a scientific workshop to promote networking and new research opportunities among researchers at regional institutions focused on research collaborations and advancements in the three areas of Bioanalytics, Nanotechnology, and Bioinformatics and on how nanohealth research may meet the needs of NASA exploration missions.

This workshop will provide all invited participants the opportunity to interact with regional researchers involved in nano-level life science investigations and to understand the current NASA Roadmap for exploration focused on research in the areas of Autonomous Health Care.

We hope that you will participate in this unique opportunity to hear about the challenges faced by extended human space exploration and to discuss life sciences research with the regional researchers who are currently working to address health care challenges at the nano level.

Registration,via an online form , is required for this Workshop. Follow this link for

information about parking availability in the University of Houston.

If you have any questions, please contact Workshop Coordinator Brenda Boyko at (713)- 743-9259 or by e-mail at BSBoyko@Central.UH.EDU .

For additional information, please refer to the conference website located at: .

We look forward to your participation in this exciting workshop experience.


Seating is limited and registration is required.

Agenda: Listed below.


UH University Center - Building 565

UH Hilton Hotel - Building 590

UH Alumni Center - Building 573/574


Organizer Brenda Boyko


Wed, Feb. 23, 2005
9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. US/Central


University of Houston
4800 Calhoun
Houston, TX 77004