“Masterful Delivery” Workshop

This workshop, part of the Lunch & Learn Series, serves as a powerful introduction to the newest course addition to the Performance English communication curriculum, “Masterful Delivery.” This offering is designed to empower communicators at every level of competency with tools and strategies to tell their stories, key messages and ideas in a way that drives the impact and results they hope for.

Free. Requires registration for a limited number of seats.


This course is ideal for anyone who needs to communicate efficiently, effectively and confidently in a diverse global business environment.


You will discover how to:

  • Support your message through the story your energy, voice and body conveys;
  • Be your most powerful you in front of different audiences;
  • Be memorable;
  • Be confident in your impact long after you have shared your message.

During the workshop, you will engage in vocal delivery and acting exercises from the classical arts space, and explore your depth through group discussion supported by proven ideas about the psychology of performance. We will conduct hands-on exercises that will help participants understand how this training is different from others and how it enhances your effectiveness.

No preparation is necessary.


Tue, Oct. 4, 2016
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. US/Central


Houston Technology Center
410 Pierce Street
Houston, Texas 77002