"How to Reinvent Yourself in a Downturn Market" | TiE Houston


Market downturns and upturns carry a severity of impact to businesses of all sizes, with the .com bust of 2002 and recession of 2008 as immediate reminders. Houston is experiencing a downturn in commodities that is impacting business in a significant way, from entrepreneurial efforts all the way to multinationals.

Under such circumstances, how does an entrepreneur or executive reinvent oneself or their business to continue to create and generate value? How does a corporate employee continue to grow their career? How will you re-frame your thinking to adapt?

Join us for a special conversation as Russ Capper, founder of The BusinessMakers Show interviews Sammy Haroon, whose 20+ years of experience span that of startup entrepreneur, investor, and corporate executive. Sammy’s career has been in creating and monetizing opportunities in advanced Information Technology, software, analytics, design, and science to deliver products and services across various sectors, including Oil & Gas, E-Commerce, ERP, Banking, Finance, CPG, SmartGrid, and Electronics. As an accomplished entrepreneur with several decades of re-invention behind him, Russ will lend his insights while engaging Sammy in a discussion about what it takes to re-invent your path to enable personal and business success.




Keynote Speaker Bio: Sammy Haroon,Director for Baker Hughes's (BHI) Palo Alto Innovation Center


Russ Capper


Moderator Bio: Russ Capper, Founder, The BusinessMakers Radio Show



Thu, Feb. 11, 2016
5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. US/Central


Hess Club
5430 Westheimer Rd
Houston, tx 77056
United States