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Session 1: The Presenter Within

“When you finally see yourselves the way others see you, then you will finally be free.” A teacher of mine shared that perspective with me. I could only be free to be myself, my voice, my greatest presenter within, when I had finally accepted all that I was and all that I was not. It took learning to see myself from the outside in to finally be The Presenter Within. This workshop will help you take one step closer to simply being you – especially when you stand up to share your message with others.

Session 2: The Art of Messaging Precision

One of the hardest aspects of achieving buy-in through our presentations lies in how precisely we have structured our message to connect with the needs and expectations of our audiences. This workshop provides a very simple and methodical process to positioning a specific message in a way that will connect understanding between people.

Session 3: Masterful Delivery

We are the instrument of communication. The greatest resonance, results and emotional buy-in can only occur if we have executed an alignment of critical elements in HOW we have told our stories. The body, the face, the eyes, vocal tone and emotional tone all dictate whether we will achieve our goal or move one step away from it. Masterful Delivery will help you understand how to tell a unified story that will touch, move and inspire others to action.

Session 4: Great Ideas…Powerfully Presented

In the fine arts world, performance is never separated from the process of learning. It is the space where we can better understand what needs more work. This seminar will talk about the performance aspects of sharing our messages in the moment of, even with audiences who make us nervous. Great Ideas…Powerfully Presented will help you understand what a full preparation process looks like in order to BE your best – in a way that achieves the desired result. “We perform HOW we prepare.”

Saturday Retreat (6 hr): “The Presenter Within – In Action”

A Master Class $125.00 per presenting team; $60.00 AudienceDuring this intensive master calls, 10 different teams will have the opportunity to receive dual coaching from a performing arts / communication expert and a science / communication expert. The Performance E coaching process has been proven to help leading subject matter experts, scientists and executives sustainably lift the performance of their presentation game in a way that creates audience value and drives results.Audience members are a necessary part of this robust environment. De-brief discussions with our audience members will be a key to helping our presenters understand in a fuller way how their company, product and presentation is being experienced.If you want to know if what you say and how you say it drives the results you want, then this is the place to come to find out! Limited spots available.



Wed, Nov. 11, 2015
5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. US/Central


Houston Technology Center
410 Pierce Street
Houston, Texas 77002
United States