MEST Conference 2015


What is MEST?


The Medicine, Energy, Space and Technology Conference (MEST Conference) brings together people engaged in cutting edge research, discovery and strategy from across the fields of medicine, energy, space and technology to focus on accelerating innovations.


Where is MEST?


MEST will be held at the TMCX, 2450 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77021


What is it that MEST is proposing?


MEST is an innovations conference that incorporates major advancements in the fields of medicine, energy, space, and technology with a particular emphasis on applications, technology development, and entrepreneurship in medicine. MEST provides the platform for information exchange and learning that can clear the pathway to collaboration and new discoveries and ventures.


Why are we doing this?


To help highlight Houston as an emerging technology hub and grant cross-industry exposure to seemingly non-overlapping fields in daily life. This level of exposure will lead to opportunities for exploring synergies and accelerate development that will lead to partnerships, spawn innovations, and lead to increased collaboration outside “siloed” and structured environments.


Why do we think that MEST will help our (Houston's) cause?


Houston is uniquely positioned to success in the field of healthcare disruption with access to world's biggest medical center and if we plug in the tech and energy discoveries to propel collaborative ventures. MEST intends to break ground and pave way for unique combinations that will lead to new start-ups and collaboration. It will also give national and international exposure to the Houston ecosystem. By creating this new collaborative atmosphere, we hope to attract and retain young talent to Houston


Who is the target audience for MEST?


1. Physician entrepreneurs, tech entrepreneurs, energy investors, healthcare IT investors, young graduates, med school students, VC firms, angel investors.

2. Technologists and individuals interested in sharing and exploring and learning about opportunities that reach beyond their own narrow discipline and industry focus. Opportunity for exhibit booths and networking


Why would the target audience want to attend MEST?


The unique opportunity to interact with a relatively non-overlapping crowd and leaders in the field will potentially ignite collaborations, exchange of ideas and friendships.


What should attendees expect to take away from MEST?


1. Information

2. Learn about the richness and depth of opportunities in and around the Texas Medical Center, NASA's Johnson Space Center, and larger Houston

3. Learn about why Houston and Texas is posed to be the next big technology hub

4. Introductions to new people, VCs, Angel investors, professors, pioneers and technologists in the field 

5. Introduction to new methods of fundraising including crowd-funding platform

6. Possibility for collaborations


Tue, Sep. 15, 2015
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. US/Central


2450 Holcombe Boulevard Suite X
Houston, TX 77021
United States