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About Alexander R. Khachatryan, PH.D.


Alex Khachatryan leads the Reasoning Mind team, guiding strategy, program development, implementation at schools, fundraising, technology, and public outreach.

Alex came up with the idea for Reasoning Mind in 1999. Working for three years as a volunteer alongside his wife, Julia, and son, George, he elaborated the program’s main concepts, secured seed funding, and in 2003 launched the organization’s first pilot project. Through strong recruiting and development programs, Alex has built a team of professionals of a caliber unrivaled in the industry. Under his leadership, Reasoning Mind has dramatically improved math achievement and enjoyment for both students and teachers.

Alex began his career as a researcher in artificial intelligence and expert systems, first at the Institute for Control Sciences (the former Soviet Union’s top computer science research center) and then as the Project Leader of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Petroleum Engineering Department of Texas A&M University. Subsequently, he served as President of Russian Petroleum Consultants Corporation, a consultancy Alex founded and managed together with Julia. 
Alex holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in applied mathematics from the Moscow Oil and Gas Institute and a doctorate in physics and mathematics from Moscow State University, Russia’s leading research university. 

In his spare time, Alex likes to read and to attend the theater. He also enjoys going on long walks in the mountains.


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