Interactive O&G Sales Workshop | Oil and Gas Entrepreneurs

Hello Everyone! As we all know, the oil and gas industry is quite complex. And, figuring out where your products and services fit within the complexity can be riddled with iterations. Therefore, our next meetup will take a twist.


Due to the phenomenal response from our last event, we are inviting back Mark LaCour as our guest speaker. Last time he discussed the Top 10 Business Drivers in Oil and Gas for 2015. This time, we will be completely interactive. As such, Mark is going to provide his time to four entrepreneurs to discuss openly in the front of the group:

• Where does your product/service fit within the complexity of oil and gas...

• Who are the decision makers that you should be communicating with...

• How should you be positioning your product/service to those decision makers...

• What is the real value that the decision makers will realize by doing business with you...

• How Mark LaCour would go about executing a sales strategy to realize ROI...

As mentioned previously, Mark LaCour is the Director of modalpoint. Moreover, his expertise lies in helping companies outside of oil and gas enter the industry to find their product-market fit and develop the optimal sales strategy using his vast knowledge base and unequaled access to the major players.

Here’s how it will work. If you are a currently an entrepreneur and/or in the midst of developing a product/service:

Email Braulio Perdigao ([masked]) and Marty Dytrych ([masked]):

• Three sentences max description of your company

• Website

• Phone Number

• Pre-Revenue/Revenue

From here we will reach out to you to discuss more about your company.

We will then select four companies to participate. 


At the event, the four companies selected will give a two minute overview of their company. Then, Mark LaCour will “do his thing” and provide 10 to 15 minutes of his consulting to each company. Note: this will not be a ‘Shark Tank’ type of event or pitch contest. It will be more of a workshop whereas you will get real advice to help your company grow within Oil and Gas .


RSVP now to join us for a memorable event July 16th at the Houston Technology Center at 6pm.

Big thanks to our sponsors HTC and Vincent IT. Read more about them below.



Braulio Perdigao, Founder of ([masked])


Marty Dytrych, Co-Founder of ([masked])

** PARKING: Limited street parking available in front of HTC. There is a paid parking garage above The Republic Smokehouse (former BlackFinn Restaurant).

More about Mark LaCour:

In his career, Mark has sold over $205 million to the oil & gas industry and has had over 2200 sales meetings with almost every oil & gas company that you can name. He’s done business in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the UK, Middle East, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Scotland, Brazil and in the good ol’ US of A. He is the Director of Public Relations for the American Petroleum Institute (the API), the largest group representing the oil & gas industry to congress. And he has a well-earned reputation as an industry “insider” and independent 3rd party market researcher. He sits on several oil & gas boards, has one of the top blogs in oil & gas and when he's not volunteering his time teaching STEM’s at local schools he helps other companies sell their products and services to oil and gas companies at


Thu, Jul. 16, 2015
6 p.m. - 8 p.m. US/Central


Houston Technology Center
410 Pierce St
Houston, Texas 77002
United States