Telepresence Robot Project Meetup | Houston Robotics Club

This is a Houston Robotics Club meetup for the Telepresence Robot Project also known as A.R.I.E.L.

To understand what a telepresence robot is, checkout the following commercial telepresence robots:

• Origibot:

• Beam+:




During these meetups, we will be working on:

• Creating an outline of the robot's code.

• Using WebRTC to develop the host's browser based program.

• Designing the chassis.

• Developing the base circuit.

• Deciding on the battery, motors and sensors.

• Learning from each other

• And more... (Including chatting about everything else in the world)


A.R.I.E.L. - Avatar Robot for Imaging and Electronic Liaison (thanks Eric for the awesome name idea).


Note: This meetup is open to everyone. So even if you missed the last meetup, you can still come.

Since it looks like nodeJS will be the primary computer language we will use for the robot, knowing Javascript is important, here are links to JS tutorials so people interested in the software side will have a leg up when we start learning node:

New Boston Playlist:

Derek Banas Playlist:

Organizer Houston Robotics Club


Sat, Jul. 11, 2015
1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. US/Central


205 Roberts St.
Houston, Texas 77003
United States