Cybersecurity is a topic that is of increasing importance to businesses of every size. Just think of Target, Home Depot, and Chase Bank. Closer to home, think of the Houstonian Hotel, Houston Astros, and Spec’s Liquor. 

Hacktivists access non-public customer and employee data for the purpose of making unauthorized purchases or selling stolen records to other hacktivists who engage in identity theft, committing crimes using the names and identities of unsuspecting victims. With the growth of this type of crime, banking institutions are taking stronger protective measures to safeguard their customers’ personal information. Banks are looking for ways to transfer liability to retailers who contribute to the problem by failing to take similar appropriate measures. It is also expected that by FY 2016, government suppliers will be required to demonstrate compliance with those standards in order to qualify for government contracts. 
Make plans to attend this informative and eye opening workshop and walk away with a plan on how to minimize your liability.


Topics include:

  1. How to mitigate the risks associated with collecting and storing the personal information of your customers
  2. Key metrics to apply when assessing the risk of unauthorized access to non-public customer data
  3. Basic steps needed to minimize the theft of non-public information 
  4. Strategic policies to put in place in order to demonstrate a good faith effort to protect customer data
  5. Additional steps businesses must take to minimize the risk of cyber-theft whether information is managed and stored internally or is outsourced to other data managers
  6. Cybersecurity laws and penalties for non-compliance

Breakfast included.


Please Note:

Satisfactory meeting room temperatures are difficult to maintain.  Always bring a sweater or jacket to ensure comfort.

No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the workshop.



Wed, Feb. 4, 2015
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. US/Central


SBDC at University of Houston

United States