“The Orion Program,” The Next Generation of Human Space Exploration | Tech Champs at HTC South



(Photo by Lockheed)

To be human is to explore. The Apollo Space Program and the iconic space shuttle have taken people beyond Earth’s gravity and propelled humanity toward the stars, captivating generations, expanding scientific knowledge and triggering technological advances on Earth. 

With the space shuttle program retired, NASA is pursuing the next-generation of human space exploration to venture beyond the moon with the Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System. 

The Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle, being developed for NASA by Lockheed Martin, will carry astronauts farther, beyond low-Earth orbit, to various destinations, such as asteroids, the moon and Mars. Humans will travel deeper into space, where greater discoveries await and where future generations will be inspired. 

Larry Price, Lockheed Martin Orion Deputy Program Manager, will present some of the mission highlights from Orion’s first space flight – Exploration Flight Test-1 - and discuss technical advancements Lockheed has pioneered with the Orion Program that have led to significant improvements in communications, transportation, and computing capabilities. 

Join us for informative displays, demonstrations, presentations and networking with Hand-Crafted Beer Tasting courtesy of Galactic Coast Brewing Company.

About Larry Price


Laurence (Larry) Price joined Lockheed Martin in 1982 and was appointed Deputy Orion Program Manager in 2005. Price previously served as Director of Space Transportation Strategic Development where he was responsible for the Company’s Launch Systems’ long-term direction addressing Department of Defense, NASA and commercial space transportation systems. He also led the Alternate Access to Space Station project, which developed a commercial logistics capability to autonomously deliver and return space station cargo.



Thu, Sep. 10, 2015
4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. US/Central


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Gilruth Center at NASA
Space Center Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77058
United States