“Personalized Cancer Care and the Innovations Making It Today’s Reality”

A potentially revolutionary  paradigm shift in healthcare – the emergence of personalized medicine – is taking place right under our eyes.  This shift is driven by the confluence of three elements – unprecedented amounts of  data generation,  the ability to process and interpret  streams of Big Data, and the emergence  of targeted therapies.  Join us to learn more about how these threads come together as personalized cancer care makes a difference in our lives.

 IBM Watson signals a critical turning point in the evolution of information  technology.  Watson is a cognitive technology  that  processes  information   more  like  a  human  than  a  computer—by   understanding   natural language, generating hypotheses  based on evidence, and learning as it goes. Watson “gets smarter” in three ways:  by being  taught  by its users,  by learning  from  prior  interactions,  and  by being  presented  with  new information. This means it allows users to more fully understand and use all the available data.

 A major focus of Dr. Chin’s current efforts is to bring to bear on the cancer crisis not only the transformative potential  of  genomics,  but  also  of  technologies  and  innovative  strategies  such  as  Watson.    Dr.  Chin  has launched  the N-­‐of-­‐ALLTM  Initiative with the goal of enhancing  effectiveness  of cancer care and research.   A pilot project  in Leukemia  has created  an Adaptive  Patient-­‐Oriented  Longitudinal  Learning  and Optimization (APOLLO) platform that integrates genomic research in context of clinical care and MD Anderson’s  Oncology Expert AdvisorTM powered by IBM-­‐Watson works to facilitate democratization of oncology expertise.

After a career in creating a range of innovative technology solutions including serving as GM for IBM-­‐Watson, Manoj Saxena founded The Entrepreneur’s  Fund (TEF) as a vehicle to advance continued developments  in Big Data  and  Cognitive  Computing   space.     TEF  focuses  on  true  seed-­‐stage  investing  with  successful   serial entrepreneurs  with a focus on transformative  cloud-­‐based  cognitive and B2B technologies.   Manoj will share other  emerging  technologies  and  applications  that  promise  to  impact  or  event  transform  our  lives  in  the decades ahead. 

Organizer TiE Houston


Thu, Nov. 6, 2014
5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. US/Central


5430 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, Texas 77056
United States