Tech Champs with speaker Jamey Rootes


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Learn about Houston Technology Center's Incubation and Acceleration Clients focused in the energy, life sciences, information technology, NASA/aerospace sectors 

Open to the community these meetings allow professionals to be involved with and influence the evolution of emerging technology.


Light Breakfast and Networking 7:15 - 7:45 a.m.

Presentations 7:45 - 9:00 a.m.

$30 at the door 

At this special Tech Champs we will have presentations from the following companies.

Each of these companies recently participated in the Houston Technology Center Ignition program.  Ignition is a ten-week immersion program to prepare tech startups for growth and funding. It is the initial phase of the HTC’s Acceleration Pathway. The program features intensive mentoring and a purpose-built curriculum delivered by industry experts where participants work collaboratively with mentors and peers in a fun and productive co-working space.

  • Amros Corporation has developed a technology that uses standard open hole log data to calculate a production profile for shale plays to predict where the recoverable oil is located.  It shows operators where to frack vertical wells and where to drill horizontal wells to optimize production.   
  • Cyfrcord Technologies, Inc. is developing a hardware and software system to enhance user authentication for mobile devices, addressing the vulnerabilities of current technologies such as thumbprint and facial recognition. 
  • Dynamic Tubular Systems (DTS) provides novel, high strength well construction and completion systems that allow drilling operators to drill to any depth while maintaining a sufficient flow area for unconstrained production.
  • Integrated Bionics empowers individuals to own their health and well-being through non-invasive wearable health devices.  We design ultra-miniature, non-invasive, and cloud-connected wearable health technologies that empower our customers.  Current product in development is a concussion monitor headband that measures accelerations of the head, detects concussive level accelerations, and triggers medical assessments.
  • Nurtured By Design is a global pioneer in ergonomics engineering specializing in developmentally supportive care and Kangaroo Mother Care for all babies, especially those born prematurely or with medical issues.  Current product offerings are The Zaky, Kangaroo Zak and the ZakPak System.
  • SOHMIUMe is a Nano-carbon materials company launching a proprietary technology for high-yield, economical production of carbon nanotubes. Our goal is to be a leader in supplying carbon nanotube reinforced composites and nanoalloy materials as alternatives for metal products used in commercial construction, home construction and process refining. 
  • TABS Consulting, LLC  creates Supply Chain Management software specifically targeting products in highly regulated, fast-paced markets where case-level traceability is critical, such as perishable agricultural products. The Perishables Handling System (PHS) Software is an affordable yet robust tool for small to medium-sized enterprises seeking Supply Chain Management solutions in these markets.
  • Vax-Immune is developing products to diagnose, treat and prevent Ureaplasma infection.  Ureaplasma is one of the smallest bacteria, hard to diagnose and increases premature birth.  Our goal is healthier babies with fewer complications. 
Organizer Cheri Rocha



Fri, Jun. 6, 2014
7:15 a.m. - 9 a.m. US/Central


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Houston Technology Center Conference Center
410 Pierce
Houston, Texas 77002