Texas Emerging Technology Fund Workshop

This interactive workshop is intended for those interested in applying for Commercialization Awards from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.

The agenda for the workshop is:

  • What is the Texas Emerging Technology Fund?

  • What is the Gulf Coast RCIC?

  • What are Commercialization Awards?

  • What are the qualifications to receive Commercialization Awards?

  • How does a company apply for a Commercialization Award?

  • How does the Gulf Coast RCIC process applications?

  • What information is required with the application?

Because of changes to the eligibility criteria, application review process and application form, this workshop is strongly recommended for all companies considering submitting an application to the TETF program, including companies that have previously submitted TETF applications.

For more information on the TETF and Gulf Coast RCIC - www.gulfcoastrcic.org.

Speaker Bob Prochnow

Director, Gulf Coast RCIC


Tue, Apr. 3, 2012
2 p.m. - 4 p.m. US/Central


Event has ended


Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership
18045 Saturn Lane
Houston, TX 77058