Phillips & Reiter, PLLC

Phillips & Reiter, PLLC

The Phillips & Reiter Law Firm bases our services on the client's needs.  We offer a new  approach to legal services by providing to clients senior legal executives that provide outsourced general counsel services to small to medium market corporations. Our attorneys work on a part-time basis as outsourced general counsel at a fraction of the costs of hiring a full-time legal executive or outside firm.

As outsourced general legal counsel, we operate as a member of your business management team, rendering strategic advice and servicing your day-to-day legal needs. We also manage your company's extraordinary legal affairs that justify the use of outside legal experts (e.g., SEC filings and public offerings, litigation, tax matters, etc.). We typically spend significant time at your place of business in order to meet with key personnel and ensure a comprehensive understanding of your business.

Your corporation may not have the need, or often, the resources to hire full-time in-house legal counsel. Also, in today's era, law firms want your big-ticket transactions, or lawsuits, and such firms may find it uneconomical to handle your periodic day-to-day routine matters or provide counseling on various day-to-day issues. However, the corporation still needs legal guidance on a day-to-day basis, especially as your company grows. We offer a solution to such needs by enabling your management team to access well-qualified senior legal counsel on an as-needed basis at a price that meets the needs of your business.

Our attorneys have substantial experience in providing outsourced general counsel services. Many of them have been general, or senior, counsels in the private sector prior to joining our firm. This first hand experience coupled with a broad breadth of knowledge in business and law gives our firm an unparalleled perspective in representing small to medium market corporations as outsourced general counsel.

Our attorneys become a part-time extension of your management team, and offer valuable skills and a combination of business and legal expertise to manage your high-value projects. We provide senior legal counsel who will understand your company's business.

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