Why Houston!


The Houston Technology Center explains why your startup will grow quicker, better, faster in Houston!


Maryanne Maldonado, Vice President and Managing Director, Energy Acceleration

Global Reach…Globalization has made it possible for entrepreneurs to serve markets in not just their immediate community, region, or country but the whole world. Houston is the hub for commercializing technologies for global opportunities, especially in energy. With Houston’s robust business climate, and its cluster of technology driven companies in energy and medicine, (over 26 Fortune 500 companies), it’s the countries number one job creator, an ideal place for Tech Startups.


Nick Tillman, Acceleration Director, Energy

Access to talent and leading technologies…Houston is the Energy Capital of the World.  It provides the ideal environment for the development and commercialization of energy technology.  Emerging technology companies have access to energy infrastructure, and a talent pool with knowledge of energy technology and markets that is unsurpassed anywhere else.  Technology companies can find the talent and energy expertise to build their management teams and advisory boards, and have access to first class engineering and service companies to support technology commercialization.  


Rachelle Aspan, Acceleration Director, IT

Community and Comfort…The continued economic growth of Houston and the untapped potential remain key drivers for companies and families alike to establish residency. Why does this matter to someone in IT?  If we combine the fact that technology drives agility and speed in the marketplace with the fact that the Houston marketplace continues to grow and remain underserved, the potential for start-up success is similar to that of an emerging market. Tech and business professionals donating their time and deep expertise to give back in the form of mentorship and sponsorship are growing the startup community.  As a result of this support, Houston was named by PC Magazine a "Top Ten High Tech City You Will Want to Call Home."


Deborah Mansfield, Acceleration Director, Life Sciences

New Growth in Innovation…Houston’s life sciences community is benefiting from new faces that are driving innovation. Many of our academic, research and healthcare organizations have recently brought in new blood and vigor which is now driving a tsunami of fresh ideas and approaches.  The Texas Medical Center is building new vision for its 54 members with a primary focus on innovation and attention to the millennial voice.  Rice University’s Bioscience Research Collaborative effort is going “beyond the fences” to the other side of Main Street.  The University of Houston is building infrastructure for another Houston based Health Science Center.  Collaborations are going up and down the road from Houston to College Station. The new Center for Cell and Organ Biotechnology for regenerative medicine has Texas Heart Institute and Texas A&M University working as a team. The list goes on.  However not to leave out life sciences enterprises, new faces are also driving innovation with many of Htown local startups taking on the next level of leadership to ensure success in commercializing emerging technologies.  No matter where you look, Houston’s life sciences face is changing with new leadership, new ideas and new opportunities.


Jane Lea Hicks, Director, Client Incubation

Fast Growth Industries…Where else in the world can you access the world’s largest medical center, NASA’s largest R&D Facility, the world headquarters for some of the largest oil and gas companies and more than 400 software development companies? With its low cost and high quality of living, Houston is an ideal location for launching a technology-based company targeting these fast growing industries.


Janella Youmans, NASA Executive on loan, Acceleration Director, Aerospace

Space City...Houston is at the center of human space flight.  With destination sites on human exploration to destinations beyond the International Space Station, NASA is engaging with industry partners to collaborate in the joint development of advanced technologies that bring benefits to all partners.  NASA is also a strong supporter of transferring technology through commercialization for those technologies that were developed by NASA for space flight and for which there is also a benefit to society.


Ruben Derderian, Acceleration Director

Companies find it easy to recruit qualified employees because of Houston’s outstanding schools and universities, medical centers, museums and cultural centers, restaurants, and recreational activities. Houston is one of the fastest growing and most vibrant cities in the US and it is ranked number one in terms of jobs creation.  More international energy company headquarters are located in Houston than any other city in the world.  It has a very reasonable cost of living and does not have a state come tax. 


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