Waypoint 2 Space’s Kickstarter Campaign

Whether it’s for marketing purposes or for the funds to build a new part of their business, crowd funding platforms can be a great asset for startups. Building and maintaining a complete marketing strategy and hitting the right funding amount, can be difficult. With early success in the first week, Waypoint 2 Space launched a Kickstarter campaign to build their Modular EVA Training System and has raised over $4,700.

Waypoint 2 Space is a Houston Technology Client born out of the JSC campus. They offer space training programs that are fully immersive and similar to what every astronaut experiences during their preparation for space.  

Here’s an interview on Waypoint 2 Space’s Kickstarter campaign journey.

What are you crowdfunding through Kickstarter?

“We are crowdfunding the Modular EVA Training System. METS is capable of simulating what a Space Walk experience. METS incorporates a gravity off set system creating the sensation of weightlessness while providing a trainee the ability to navigate around a moveable space module similar to the International Space Station. METS is fully enclosed with black walls and a star field generators at the top and bottom giving the trainee the sensation that they are actually in moving around in space. We believe anyone who has ever dreamed or desired to be an astronaut or train for space should be able to, and with the METS they will be able to!”

What do you expect Kickstarter will bring to your startup? Why take the crowdfunding route?

“We chose to use Kickstarter because it was a great opportunity to build the Modular EVA Training System which wasn’t part of our original budget. Our goal is to provide space training and experience to the public and running a Kickstarter campaign aligned great with this goal.  At the minimum, it is a great marketing tool to get the word out about what we are doing, even if we don’t hit our $83,000 goal. “

How long have you been working on METS? What will it add to Waypoint 2 Space’s long term plans?

“We have been working on the METS prototype for six months. It is finished, and we did all our homework with multiple engineer firms. All we need is the kickstarter funds to turn our prototype into a reality. By adding METS to our long term plans, we will be able to provide training for space walks and the space experience to not only the public, but to other team members of NASA who may not need as stringent training as say a pilot. In 2012 NASA sent out a call for astronauts. Over 6,300 people applied and they only chose 8 people. There’s a definite demand for space training, and we will be the ones who meet this demand.” 

Like mentioned before, they have had early success and continue to get closer to their $83,000 goal. Check out how you can support and experience space through their Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/waypoint2space/spacewalking-on-earth