Six New Clients Join HTC


With the first two months behind us, HTC has experienced growth! In 2015 six new clients joined our acceleration program with the opportunity to receive $25,000 in seed funding from the McNair Houston Ignition Fund.

Our new clients range from renewable energy technologies to cancer fighting drugs. These companies are building on the vast intellectual capital of Houston to create technologies that better the way we do business and improve quality of life.

It’s such an exciting time for new clients as we incorporate them into our network and the greater Houston startup community as a whole. With the funding from the McNair group, clients are able to build a piece of their business that they couldn’t without the funding.

Below is the list of our new clients as well as a brief description about what they are doing. Here is your chance to check the companies out, research what they are doing, and see how you can connect or aid in their success!

  • Arriba Energy, LLC is a renewable energy company that converts waste to energy, improving energy security and reducing pollution.   Arriba’s patented thermo-chemical reactor and process converts Bio-solids (heat dried waste water sludge) and other organic waste into clean, high value products, including bio-crude oil, synthetic gas and bio-char.
  • Topo Medtech Inc. is a startup oncology drug development company but with a rich and deep history. The founders are committed to develop effective drugs with low and manageable toxicity for various cancers. And within much shorter timeframes compared to traditional chemotherapy development.
  • Saviance Healthcare an innovative healthcare information technology company focused on building solutions for Patient Engagement in the complete life cycle from the first point of care through discharge and beyond. Their mission is to simplify healthcare and drive better patient engagement through the use of technology.
  • CRG Medical, Inc. - CRG Medical’s KBCore is a Hazard Identification, Early Warning, Patient Safety Evaluation System designed to prevent patient harm. The KBCore "Purple Button" mobile app is used to scan barcodes on patient armbands, medications, medical devices and blood or blood products to auto-populate forms and send them to a Patient Safety Officer, at the click of a button.
  • Najmtek Company  is working on the virtualization of external devices to provide a green hardware to software solution including: the first all-in-one multi-touch laptop, called UBook - hybrid product between a tablet and a laptop, an online application store and a software development kit (SDK).
  • Unews: Unews reinvents the local newscast.  The current model is old.  Viewership is falling and so is the broadcaster’s revenue.  For the viewer, Unews creates a personalized on-demand newscast.  The broadcasters get a dynamic platform along with a bigger slice of the billion dollar mobile ad market. It’s Itunes for news.