Nine New Companies Join Houston Technology Center’s Acceleration Program


Nine New Companies Join Houston Technology Center’s Acceleration Program

As the first quarter comes to a close, Houston Technology Center added nine new client companies to the acceleration program!

These companies are solving real world problems by improving the way doctors perform surgery to converting waste material into energy to improving the efficiency of drilling.

Check out more information on each company below. If you are interested in getting involved or seeing them present, you can attend our next Tech Champs on May 7th or various community events such as Start’s Demo Day.


·         Ebio, LLC

Ebio has developed the Alcoli™ process that is based on a patent pending engineered organism (Alcoli™) that converts fermented waste from ethanol plants to ethanol.  Alcoli™ is the only known bacterium that converts yeast waste to ethanol without adding additional sugar.  It can increase ethanol production by 20% with no additional feedstock and minimal impact on the quality and quantity of the production of bi-product (Distiller's Grain).  It is effective for corn, cellulosic & sugarcane based ethanol production, and can be integrated into new plant designs or retrofitted into existing plants. 

·         EKU Power Drives

EKU Power Drives provides intelligent, gas-electric hybrid solutions to enable oil and gas production with natural gas as the primary fuel, replacing diesel power trains. Their solution lowers operating costs and reduces the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing operations and flaring of associated gas.

·         Mud Labs, LLC

MudLabs, LLC has a patented a process for optimizing the removal drilling cutting from the drilling fluid. The patented process significantly improves the elimination of drilled cutting from the drilling fluid, thereby lowering total mud cost and reduces the amount of waste that must be removed from the drill site.   

·         PhDsoft Technology Inc.

Established in Brazil and now entering the Houston market, PhDsoft has developed a comprehensive solution to manage and monitor the structural integrity of large assets such as ships and offshore platforms.  PhDsoft’s C4D software solution incorporates industry best practices, proprietary algorithms and cutting edge software to accurately assess the condition of assets, predict corrosion and degradation and to calculate the timing and cost of repairs to keep assets safe and reliable while reducing maintenance costs and increasing asset life.


·         AUGMENTe

AUGMENTe is building a profitable client base by utilizing the "Augmented Reality" based customer centric enterprise mobile commerce platform called "Holistic Media". It augments a product or any form of printed advertisement to engage, entertain and educate consumers. At the same time it determines the interest and builds business intelligence for actionable insight. It makes re-offers instantly available to gain customer loyalty and increase ROI.

·         CO Vouch

CO Vouch uses patent-pending, smartphone based technology to create a secure evidentiary chain including geotagged, time/date stamped photos to support claims by importers' and exporters' country of origin claims for international trade compliance purposes.

·         iCleaners

iCleaners is a company dedicated to providing technological solutions to our customer’s pain point. By providing a mobile application to schedule the modern consumer’s dry-cleaning needs. We put the control of laundry with the household while providing them with flexibility of when, where and how their dry-cleaning requirements are met.

Life Sciences

·         MedeStat

MedeStat’s mission is to create the bridge between Electronic Health Records and the real world by developing solutions that allow medical professionals to access patient information in a secure, rapid manner anywhere in the world while maintaining full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our LifeGuard solution is a portable Electronic Medical Record that is Weatherproof, Secure, Highly Affordable, Easy to Create & Update, and can be instantly accessed anywhere by any smart device in an emergency to help save your life without a need for Internet Access.

·         Medical Adhesive Revolution

Surgeons still suture or staple more than they'd like to, as medical glues don't live up to their requirements. Medical Adhesive Revolution seeks to change the game, developing one-of-its kind polyurethane-based surgical adhesives. The technology is unique as it combines ease of use, strength, flexibility and biodegradability, allowing for wound-closure on and in the body within seconds.